The Ultimate Guide to Evaluating and Understanding Account-Based Analytics Tool for Restaurants

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Account Based Analytics Tool For Restaurants

In the age of digital disruption, restaurants need to harness innovative technologies to gain a competitive edge in the market. With the growth of the ‘food-tech’ sector, we’ve seen an influx of account-based analytics tools that provide beneficial insights and analysis into foodservice markets. Brizo is one such account-based analytics tool that provides a comprehensive board of diverse data – allowing for highly targeted research and prospecting. It also helps businesses to find new kitchen opportunities and expand their operations. Below, we’ll examine just what Brizo is, how it works and its various features for restaurants.

What is Brizo?:

Brizo is an account-based analytics tool designed for the foodservice market. It provides restaurant owners and operators with various data-driven insights and analytic tools to better understand and engage with their customer base. It also helps with restaurant discovery, market segmentation, sales funnel analytics and much more.

How Does Brizo Work?:

Brizo works through its intuitive user interface to deliver insights to restaurant owners and operators. It aggregates data points and information from all major sources – customers, restaurant owners, industry partners, etc. – to provide an extensive market research tool that businesses can leverage to garner valuable insight and better understand the foodservice market. It also integrates with multiple disciplines – like marketing, sales and operations – to provide an easy-to-use platform that helps businesses understand and forge relationships with customers.

Features of Brizo:

Sales Prospecting:

Using Brizo, businesses can easily identify sales opportunities by gaining insights into current customers and market trends. It offers a comprehensive view of the foodservice market, helping businesses to better understand their customers and get more detailed insights into their market. The tool also helps businesses to identify judges, influencers, CPS pundits, and other market participants that may be targeted.


Through Brizo, businesses are able to gain better insights into their marketing efforts. With Brizo’s marketing insights, businesses can gain a better understanding of customer acquisition channels, conversion rates and customer lifetime value. It also helps businesses to develop more effective campaigns and offers by understanding their target audience and the specific messaging and segmentation that will best reach them.

Find Kitchens & Expand Operations:

Brizo’s unique insights into the foodservice market allow businesses to identify potential kitchen opportunities and expand their operations. With extensive insights into local food trends, restaurant ownership and customer preferences, businesses can get an in-depth view of the market and can better understand their customer base. Brizo also provides detailed information to help businesses make informed decisions and foster relationships with customers.

Data Enrichment:

Brizo offers comprehensive data enrichment tools to help businesses make better decisions. By integrating with existing systems, Brizo provides more comprehensive market insights and enables businesses to make more informed decisions with confidence.


Brizo is an innovative account-based analytics tool designed to help restaurants better understand their customers and better engage with them. It uses a variety of data points and information, helping businesses to gain a better understanding of their markets and target their sales efforts more effectively. With detailed market insights, businesses can gain an in-depth view of the foodservice market and make better decisions.