A Guide to Evaluating and Understanding Account-Based Analytics Tools for Restaurants

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Account Based Analytics Tools For Restaurants

The success of today’s restaurants is closely intertwined with their use of analytics tools and data-driven insights – but choosing the right tool for your needs can be a complex and challenging process. To make the best decision for your business, you must understand the fundamentals of account-based analytics and the key features you should look for when evaluating potential software solutions. This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of this rapidly growing field, the capabilities you should expect, and how Brizo can help take the guesswork out of your decision-making process.

In recent years, the analytics and data-driven insights available to restaurant owners has grown exponentially. With restaurant-specific technology trends constantly evolving, restaurant owners have access to more data points than ever before. This data provides restaurants with insights into key performance metrics, allowing them to track analytics across multiple platforms and channels.

Account-based analytics tools are designed to help restaurant owners make informed decisions and optimize performance. These tools allow users to gather data from multiple sources, track KPIs, build custom dashboards and reports, and develop insights for improving operations. By leveraging analytics platforms, restaurants are able to gain a better understanding of their customer base, menu data, promotional activity, tech usage, and much more.

When evaluating account-based analytics tools, there are several key features and capabilities you should consider:

Data Gathering and Analysis

The first factor to consider when evaluating analytics tools is the data gathering and analysis capabilities included with the package. Most account-based analytics tools allow users to connect to multiple data sources and utilize the data to create insightful reports and dashboards.

When reviewing these tools, make sure you understand how each platform gathers and filters data as well as how user-friendly the dashboard is to interpret. Additionally, review the detail and customizability of the reports the platform can create.

KPI Tracking and Goal Setting

The ability to track key performance indicators (KPI) is essential for analyzing the performance of your restaurant. Look for analytics tools that allow you to track and monitor KPIs in real time. Additionally, you should evaluate how well the tool supports goal setting and objectives.

Customer and Profiling

Analytics tools provide restaurants with data-driven insights into their customer base and help them gain a better understanding of their target market. Look for tools that have detailed customer and profile-related segments and functions, allowing you to define who your ideal customer is and how you can better serve them.

Menu and Promotion Tools

In order to maximize a restaurant’s profits and improve its attractiveness to customers, owners must understand the impact their menu and promotions have. Good analytics platforms offer detailed analytics in both of these areas, allowing restaurant owners to understand the customer demand for different items and to create effective promotions.

Restaurant Tech Coverage

Today’s restaurants rely heavily on technology to run their operations, and having access to insights into this tech is essential. Look for analytics tools that provide in-depth coverage of restaurant technology and give owners the insights they need to optimize usage.

Brizo: The Future of Account-Based Analytics for Restaurants

Brizo provides a robust and diverse set of data for deeper insights into the foodservice market. Our unique data fields and insights allow for highly targeted research and prospecting, including sales and marketing to the foodservice market, streamlining production innovation to expand your brand, and data enrichment to make better decisions.

Brizo’s Account-based analytics tools are designed to help restaurant owners make data-driven decisions and optimize performance. Our platform includes capabilities for data gathering and analysis, KPI tracking and goal setting, customer profiling, menu and promotion tools, and restaurant tech coverage. We provide restaurant owners with the insights they need to track performance, market to their customers, and gain a better understanding of the foodservice market.

By leveraging Brizo’s analytics solutions, restaurant owners can easily and effectively evaluate their data and make more informed decisions for their business. We offer tailored insights to improve your restaurant’s performance and better serve your customers.