A Guide to Evaluating & Understanding Restaurant Audience Intelligence Platforms

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Restaurant Audience Intelligence Platforms

The foodservice industry has seen a surge in data providers in recent years. These specialized software tools have made restaurant operations easier and more efficient for restaurateurs and foodservice professionals alike. However, as technology evolves and new data points are required for customers, the challenge of evaluating and understanding restaurant audience intelligence platforms has become increasingly complex.

Brizo is a market analytics platform providing deep insights into the foodservice market. Our platform offers sales prospecting, competitive intelligence, and marketing intelligence in addition to data enrichment and sales prospecting. Utilizing Brizo’s comprehensive data sets, restaurants and foodservice professionals can gain insights into the changing landscape as food trends come in and out of style.

Sales Intelligence

Sales intelligence is the process of leveraging data to achieve customer acquisition, retention, and lead generation goals. Brizo’s restaurant audience intelligence platform features restaurant technology intelligence such as technology trends, new product launches, and customer engagement data. This type of intelligence enables sales teams to quickly and accurately make decisions backed by data-driven insights. Data such as restaurant geographic locations, hours of operation, ratings, reviews and customer feedback, are especially helpful for sales teams to understand customer behavior and make more informed decisions.

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence is the process of gathering and analyzing data from the competition to gain an edge for your business. With Brizo’s data-rich competitive intelligence insights, restaurants and foodservice professionals can gain insights into the latest trends and changes in the foodservice market. This type of data allows industry professionals to stay ahead of their competition, anticipate changes and make informed decisions with confidence.

Marketing Intelligence

Effective marketing in the restaurant space requires a comprehensive understanding of the market and its trends. Brizo’s data-driven marketing intelligence services allow foodservice professionals to target, convert and close more leads through analysing market trends and leveraging the data provided by restaurant technology providers. Foodservice professionals can optimize their marketing campaigns with actionable marketing analysis based on accurate data.

Find Kitchens & Expand Operations

Brizo’s data-driven insights offer foodservice professionals the edge in finding and expanding into new market trends. By leveraging Brizo’s market analyst platform, restaurants and foodservice brands can make strategic decisions on expanding their operations and quickly find the right kitchen and ingredients to best suit the needs of their customers.

Data Enrichment

Data enrichment is the process of supplementing data with additional details such as customer names, contact information and so on. With Brizo’s data enrichment services, restaurants have access to accurate and up-to-date contact information and other customer data. By using data enrichment, restaurants can quickly and accurately target and segment their audiences to ensure maximum accuracy and outreach.

By harnessing the power of restaurant intelligence systems, restaurant technology providers are now able to provide deeper insights into the foodservice market faster and more efficiently. With Brizo’s comprehensive data sets, restaurants and foodservice professionals can gain insights into specific customer preferences, market trends and gain an edge over their competitors.