Uncovering Foodservice Market Trends with Comprehensive Data

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Evaluating Menu Data

Nearly every restaurant and foodservice operation today deals with an unprecedented administrative and logistical burden. From the point of sale to inventory management, kitchen operations and marketing, it’s a non-stop race for operators to stay ahead of the competition and meet customer demands. It’s no wonder, then, that many restaurateurs and foodservice providers turn to technology solutions as a means of aligning their operations to the ever-changing landscape of the industry.

As a supplier to the foodservice industry, offering a data-driven platform for monitoring trends and providing critical insights is an important part of the sales process and operational success. With Brizo’s comprehensive foodservice market data and analysis platform, you can quickly assess the opportunities in your market, target and close more leads, expand your operations, and optimize your campaigns with remarkable speed and accuracy.

At the heart of Brizo’s data platform are a variety of in-depth menu datasets that enable the data-driven research and process required for operations in the foodservice space. Through foodservice menu analytics, our platform provides customers with detailed profiles of all aspects of the menus of restaurants, foodservice providers, and food and beverage vendors, allowing for an unprecedented understanding of operations across the foodservice space.

By categorizing menus into five distinct categories — entrees, sides,starches, desserts and beverages — Brizo’s menu analytics provide customers with the ability to quickly evaluate menus in order to inform sales strategies, operational decisions, and menu innovations. With this information, suppliers can create tailored sales strategies and menu enhancements for their customers, as well as gain insight into competitor menus and understand both regional and national trends.

In addition to evaluating menu data, customers are also able to identify menu trends by geographic area, sector, and restaurant size. Whether selecting the best regions for operational expansion or researching national trends, customers have the ability to quickly identify key trends that stand out in the foodservice industry. Our data enables customers to quickly analyze the marketplace and target the most profitable opportunities.

Our foodservice platform is also enriched with insights into restaurant technology such as point of sale systems, inventory management, and kiosk solutions. Our customers have the ability to research any competitor to better understand their technology solutions and innovations, providing them with an edge for product development and sales opportunities.

With Brizo’s comprehensive foodservice market insight and analysis, customers can reap the rewards of a fully-loaded dataset that allows them to gain meaningful, monolithic insights into food options, markets, trends, and operational strategies. Our intuitive platform and actionable intel make it easy to identify and capture the opportunities within this rapidly-evolving industry.