Uncover Foodservice Market Insights with Product Analytics Programs

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Product Analytics Programs For Restaurants

With the restaurant industry now worth a staggering $863 billion, the competition to become the top player in market has never been tougher. Prospecting and lead generation can be a major challenge for restaurant tech suppliers of all sizes. To keep up with the demand and stay ahead of the competition, suppliers need to be armed with the latest industry insights to power their marketing and sales efforts.

For those in the restaurant industry, good market analytics are essential to be able to identify segment sizes, source qualified leads, forecast for growth, examine competitors, and identify market opportunities. The challenge lies in having the right data to analyze. Brizo provides a board and diverse set of data to bridge this gap to give you an in-depth understanding of the foodservice market, uncover highly targeted research, and prospecting with unique data fields.

Here’s a look at what restaurant tech suppliers can gain by using product analytics to understand the restaurant industry:

Sales Prospecting

Prosperous sales prospecting requires in-depth data to identify customer needs, unearth quality leads, and close deals with ease. Our product analytics platform helps uncover a wide range of market insights to power sales activities. With our sales intelligence tool, you can search through menus, assess tech positioning, build competitor profiles, identify market opportunities, and more.

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence is essential to staying competitive in a crowded market. With access to customer and prospect data, you can assess the competition and gain a better understanding of how they’re positioning themselves. Brizo’s market analytics platform provides insights on menu changes, pricing structure, marketing tactics, and more – helping you refine your strategies and find new opportunities for growth.

Marketing Intelligence

Our product analytics platform can also provide insights on how to tailor your marketing strategy, understand the needs of your customer base, and identify effective content to address their needs. With our marketing intelligence tool, you can uncover menu patterns, uncover potential customers, and track sentiment to deliver and measure campaigns that are tailored and relevant to the foodservice industry.

Find Kitchens & Expand Operations

In the modern, crowded restaurant landscape, gaining visibility into the foodservice market is key to finding the ideal kitchen or space to expand operations. Our product analytics platform provides valuable insights and trends to help you make data-driven decisions when it comes to sourcing the best kitchen and space. This includes examining the restaurant landscape for neighbourhoods, cities, and geographic regions.

Data Enrichment

Data enrichment is also essential for making smarter decisions when it comes to understanding the foodservice market. Brizo’s market analytics platform helps you enrich your own data with external sources, from menu reviews to customer behaviour. With our sophisticated data aggregation and enrichment models, you can easily make sense of the data for more comprehensive market insights.

To ensure you stay ahead of the competition and deliver high quality products, Brizo’s product analytics platform is the best tool to use for uncovering valuable foodservice market insights to make the most informed decisions. With our data-driven insights and analytics, you can attract, convert, and close more leads – and make data-driven decisions during every stage of the process.