Uncover AI-Driven Food Service Consumer Brand Tracking Insights

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Foodservice Consumer Brand Tracking

The food service industry has grown dramatically in recent decades, and franchise business owners have to stay competitive. This means improving brand visibility, product offerings, and ultimately, sales. To determine where to best invest in business development and marketing, one must understand who customers are and what they are looking for. This can be done through food service consumer brand tracking, which can provide meaningful insights into customer behaviour and trends.

For those interested in uncovering valuable insights into the food service market, Brizo is the go-to source. Through its wide range of data and tailored fields specific to the food service industry, Brizo captures in-depth menu data, restaurant tech coverage, and more. With these insights, franchise businesses are better positioned to keep up with trends and become more competitive.

Here’s how to leverage Brizo’s AI-driven insights to stay ahead of the competition in the food service market.

1. Equip Your Sales Team With Data-Driven Insights and Analytics

When sales teams know which establishments serve particular dishes or provide specific services, they can target those as potential leads. Brizo provides sales intelligence reports equipped with accurate data about small businesses, chain restaurants, and caterers throughout the US. With this data, sales teams can quickly create a list of potential customers to target, thus shortening the lead generation process.

For real-time prospecting, Brizo also provides location-based maps for contextual targeting. This way, sales teams can explore an area’s particular food trends and determine the types of customers they should target. As the food service market evolves, this feature can be regularly updated to ensure the marketing strategy and sales approaches remain up-to-date.

2. Attract, Convert and Close More Leads With Data-Led Industry Insights

Using Brizo’s AI-driven insights, it is possible to gain valuable insights that can be used to attract, convert, and close leads. Through various analytics, such as menu data and competitive intelligence, it is possible to develop marketing campaigns and strategies tailored to the current trend in the food service market.

For example, using restaurant and menu analysis, one can determine which dishes are in demand. With this information, specific products that should be added or removed from the menu can be identified. With this comprehensive understanding of the current food trends, businesses can leverage this data to create an effective marketing campaign and attract relevant customers.

3. Find Kitchens & Expand Operations

Brizo’s data allows for streamlined production innovation and full-scale expansion for those within the food service industry. By leveraging the data provided by the platform, businesses can strategically plan out their next moves. With tailored insights into customer preferences and market trends, business owners can easily make decisions with confidence.

This data enrichment also allows for an expanded reach, as the market insights allow businesses to explore other restaurants that serve the same dish or offer similar services. With the right data, businesses can quickly find a kitchen to expand their operations to.


For food service businesses looking to maximize their growth potential, data-driven insights and analytics are essential. With AI-driven insights provided by Brizo, franchisees can better understand and stay ahead of trends in the food service space. The company’s comprehensive data allows marketers to create targeted campaigns for the right customers and sales teams to generate leads faster. In addition, operations can be streamlined and expanded with location-based maps and menu analysis. Leveraging this data, businesses can better understand the food service customer and the industry as a whole.