UK Restaurant Consumer Insights 2023

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Uk Restaurant Consumer Insights 2018

As the UK restaurant industry gears up for the long-awaited 2017-2023 season, an analysis of the consumer insight can be beneficial to the success of restaurants and their respective tech partners. By taking a look at past trends, menu content and nature of the competition, restaurateurs can make educated predictions in regards to what might work and what may not with regards to content, strategy and execution.

With Brizo, the foodservice industry can gain the insights it needs to inform which investments will yield the highest ROI. From sales and marketing intelligence to competitive and restaurant-specific data, Brizo can guide restaurateurs to the correct decisions that will help their restaurants grow.

Beginning with the basics, UK restaurant data can give insight into the type of cuisine being served and the size of the menus. It helps to distinguish the type of cuisine being served towards a region or sector. This can include a detailed view of the core components of a menu, such as their appetizers, entrees, desserts, drinks, etc., and what’s the most popular on the menu. If restaurants are able to determine what’s popular in a given region or sector, they are able to increase their offerings of these items or make changes if they are selling less.

Brizo’s sales intelligence can help restaurateurs to prospect the best sales targets. By researching the UK restaurant sector’s details such as location, chain size, operator type, restaurant type, menu type, menu size, product offering, digital presence and more, restaurateurs can map out a plan for the best targets and prospects for their efforts. Beyond that, they can also use the competitive intelligence provided to uncover any potential or existing competitors within the area to inform strategy.

To further enhance the restaurant sales process, Brizo’s marketing intelligence can guide your campaigns with the most up-to-date insights. Harnessing accurate and reliable data to inform decisions, restaurateurs can optimize all their campaigns, enabling them to target their ideal customers with skill and precision.

With Brizo, restaurateurs can use market analysis to assess their production and strategically expand their brand across initiatives. Additionally, restaurateurs can make informed decisions in regards to finding new kitchens and their own expansion.

Overall, with the assistance of our data-driven insights and analytics platform, restaurant entrepreneurs can access reliable and actionable data to inform their operations throughout the course of the 2017-2023 season in the ever-changing UK Restaurant industry.