Trends in the Dessert Market in 2023: Analyzing Technology, Menu Offerings, and Expansion Prospects

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2023 Dessert Trends

Desserts in the foodservice market are more than just a way to finish off a meal – they can be a key component of any menu, adding diversity and creativity. In the coming year, 2023, market insights suggest a number of trends will be affecting the dessert market, from technological developments and menu offerings to expansion prospects and beyond. Let’s take a deeper dive into these trends and take a look at what the dessert market will look like in 2023.

Technological Innovations

As technology infiltrates the food service and food manufacturing sectors, desserts are no exception; new technological innovations in 2023 will play an important role in the dessert market. Databases like Brizo are offering insights that can be used by restaurant technology providers to build their businesses and provide better options for customers. By leveraging data-driven insights and analytics, providers can gain valuable insights into trends in the dessert market to stay ahead of the competition.

Additionally, restaurants and others providers can use market intelligence to unlock the potential of automated services like robotic kitchen equipment. Automating kitchen services ensures a faster and more efficient production of dessert options, while also helping with food waste management, cost-saving, and labor costs.

Menu Offerings

Menu offerings will inevitably shift and diversify in the upcoming year. Consumers are now more aware of their dietary needs, and menu boards are less likely to be full of sugary treats like in years past. Instead, expect to see the introduction of dessert options that are vegan, gluten free, and allergen-friendly. Additionally, with increased emphasis on healthy eating, there may also be an uptick in fresh fruit desserts and ingredients made from fresh ingredients.

Restaurateurs will also be looking for menu items that are fast and easy to make, but that still have a “wow factor” to capture customers’ attention. As customers look for more interesting and unique dessert options, creative trends can be expected, like using cream cheese instead of regular cream for cheesecakes and new toppings and decoration techniques.

Expansion Prospects

As more and more consumers get their desserts from restaurants, the dessert market is set to expand in 2023. For restaurant technology providers, this presents numerous opportunities for streamlining production, expanding their business, and gaining a larger share of the market.

Through data-enrichment, providers can get more comprehensive insights into the market, so they can make informed decisions to further build their business. They can also use the insights gained to strategically launch their own production of desserts, whether it’s in their own restaurant or taking them to a larger market.

Closing ideas

The developments in the dessert market in 2023 point to an interesting shift in technological innovation, menu offerings, and expansion possibilities. Restaurant technology providers are well-positioned to capitalize on these trends to build their brands, increase their market share, and bring new and innovative dessert options to consumers.