Top Trend on Dessert Trends in Foodservice

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Desserts Trends

Trying to understand the ever-evolving dessert trends in the foodservice market when looking to expand locations can be a difficult task when time is of the essence. Even for a franchisor with vast knowledge of the industry, regional trends have a way of quickly passing by the radar as diners look for new and exciting flavour experiences. Fortunately, with detailed market analysis and data-driven insights, it’s now easier than ever to stay ahead of the curve and offer a menu that resonates with diners.

This article will focus on the top ten things franchisors should consider when monitoring dessert trends in the foodservice market. We’ll be looking at topics such as customer preferences, industry innovation, up and coming dishes, seasonal trends, and dessert technology. By the end of this article, franchisors should have a clear understanding of the modern foodservice dessert landscape and have the necessary tools to make informed decisions when planning their expansion strategies.

1. Customer Preferences

In the foodservice market, customer preferences often dictate dessert trends. It is important to keep in mind that customer tastes are constantly changing. As such, it is essential for franchisors to stay ahead of the curve when monitoring customer preferences. It’s a good idea to regularly survey customers to keep an eye on what desserts they are enjoying and what they would like to see more of.

In addition, a franchisor should actively look into customer feedback on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Yelp. These platforms are great resources to gain an understanding of customer preferences and pick-up any potential dessert trends that are emerging.

2. Industry Innovation

The foodservice industry is constantly innovating and that is particularly true for desserts. Given the competitive nature of the industry, franchisors should take the time to keep up to date with the latest innovations and discover what exciting desserts other restaurants are creating. This research can be done by reading industry publications, attending relevant tradeshows, and connecting with industry professionals.

Industry innovation is a great source of inspiration for franchisors to draw from when it comes to menu planning. It also provides them with an opportunity to set themselves apart from other franchisors and draw in customers by offering unique non-traditional desserts.

3. Up and Coming Dishes

In addition to customer preferences and industry innovation, franchisors should take the time to uncover up and coming dishes that are gaining traction in the industry. There is no definitive way of predicting what these dishes will be, but a good place to start is to keep an eye out for food trends in emerging markets as well as in more established markets. For example, the rise of the health trend has led to creative dishes such as healthier takes on classic desserts. It is important to stay abreast of these eating trends and how they have been adopted by restaurants in terms of menu offerings.

4. Seasonal Trends

Seasonal trends are a key factor when it comes to foodservice desserts. Many customers love to mix it up with the season and enjoy innovative and seasonal flavours. It’s important for franchisors to stay on top of these trends and develop dessert menus that provide customers with an exciting and unique dining experience.

With seasonal desserts, franchisors can get creative and find ways to make a dessert menu stand out during the different seasons. For example, during the summer, a franchisor could focus on icy treats or even create a dessert menu featuring fresh fruits and berries.

5. Dessert Technology

Technology is changing the way people view food and desserts are no exception. In the foodservice industry, technology has become an important factor when it comes to the creation and presentation of desserts. Advancements such as 3D printers, sous vide machines, and even self-serve soft serve machines have made it easier than ever for franchisors to create and present amazing desserts.

Technology allows franchisors to develop shared dining experiences and create show-stopping desserts that customers will remember. From personalized treats to visual displays of food, technology can help to create a unique and memorable dessert experience that customers will love.

6. Global Desserts

Global desserts have taken off in the foodservice market in recent years and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. With access to global culinary influences and flavours, franchisors have the opportunity to create exciting and unique desserts that customers have never experienced before.

Franchisors can also use the influence of global desserts to develop multicultural menus that tap into different cultural influences. This can be a great way to bring together customers from various backgrounds and create a shared dining experience like no other.

7. Unique Presentations

Dessert presentation is just as important as the taste of the dessert. Customers love to be wowed and captivated by the presentation of a dessert. As such, franchisors should focus on developing creative and unique presentation designs that will get customers talking.

A great way to stand out in the dessert market is to offer special and eye-catching presentation designs such as edible decorations, unusual shapes, and signature plating. These unique presentations can be a great way to attract customers and make them remember your brand.

8. Local Flavours

Local flavours are gaining traction in the foodservice market and it can be a great way for franchisors to differentiate themselves in the market. Different regions have their own local flavours that customers find interesting and enjoy. As such, it is important for franchisors to take the time to research the local flavours in each location and incorporate them into their dessert menus.

For example, in some locations, customers may prefer desserts that are sweet and not too heavy, while in other locations they may prefer desserts with a stronger flavour profile. By taking the time to research and understand the local flavour preferences and creating desserts that are tailored to the region, franchisors can get ahead of their competition and create a unique and memorable dessert experience.

9. Healthy Options

The health trend is becoming ever-present in the foodservice market and customers are now looking for healthy alternatives to traditional desserts. Franchisors should keep this in mind when creating their dessert menus and consider offering customers healthier options like fresh fruits, light ice cream, and other treats that are low in sugar and calories.

By offering healthy options, franchisors can not only tap into the health-conscious market but also ensure that customers are provided with a balanced menu which can help to increase customer loyalty.

10. Delivery Ready

With the rise in food delivery services, franchisors need to make sure that their dessert menus are delivery-ready. This means that they must look into what desserts travel well and what changes may need to be made to the presentation of desserts to ensure that they stay fresh and delicious.

In addition, franchisors must also consider the fact that desserts need to be properly packaged in order to avoid any mishaps during the delivery process. Good packaging and presentation can make a big difference in ensuring that customers receive a high-quality, fresh, and delicious dessert that can improve customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.