Top 10 Things to Consider for 2023 Food Trends

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2023 Food Trends

As 2023 quickly approaches, food and beverage distributors are looking to the future for the top food trends of the year. Companies need to be in the know when it comes to upcoming consumer behaviors and preferences in order to stay competitive in the industry. It is important to anticipate customer needs and develop strategies or products that meet those demands. To help food and beverage distributors prepare for the future, here are the top 10 things to consider for 2023 food trends.

1. Movement Towards Local Farmers and Producers

One of the most notable trends that is gaining traction is the movement towards local farmers and producers. Consumers have become more aware of sustainable food sourcing and are looking to buy directly from the producers of food. Businesses must be able to source ingredients from smaller, local purveyors and producers to meet customer demand.

2. Innovative Plant-Based and Clean Label Products

The plant-based trend continues to be a main player in the industry, but consumers are looking for companies to continue to push the boundaries in terms of innovation in the plant-based food space. Products that have recognizable ingredients and do not contain artificial flavors or colors are increasingly desired by consumers. Companies should focus on producing clean label, plant-based foods with innovative flavors and ingredients.

3. Increasing Customer Focus on Health & Wellness

Consumer demands for health focused products are expected to remain high in 2023. Healthy eating trends are still in full force and companies are being asked to provide healthier options. One way businesses can appeal to health conscious consumers is by reducing added sugar and highlighting healthier benefits of their products.

4. Trend to Focus on Ethical Sourcing

The global demand for ethical product sourcing is increasing among consumers. Many people are looking to support food providers that are transparent about where their ingredients come from and how they are grown or produced. Companies are seeing the value in transparent sourcing practices and are increasingly making sure that their ingredients are ethically sourced.

5. Increasing Popularity of Street Food

Street food continues to be popular among consumers as more people look to recreate the taste of their favorite restaurant dishes at home. Companies are responding to this trend by developing products inspired by beloved street foods and flavors. This is expected to remain strong in 2023 and businesses should take advantage of this opportunity to create products that are familiar yet still unique.

6. Growing Demand for Ready-to-Eat Products

Consumers are becoming increasingly busy and as a result are looking for products that are ready-to-eat. Companies must be able to meet the demand for pre-prepared meals or snacks that are healthy and convenient. This trend is also being driven by the popularity of meal kits and meal delivery subscriptions.

7. Emphasis on Transparency in Sourcing Practices

We are seeing an increased demand for businesses to be upfront about their sourcing practices. Consumers are looking for transparent brands that are honest about where their ingredients come from and how those ingredients are grown or produced. Companies that prioritize transparency will have an edge over competitors in the industry.

8. Plant-Based Meat Alternatives Continue to Grow

Plant-based meat alternatives are still gaining traction among consumers and are expected to remain a strong trend in 2023. There is an increasing demand to make plant-based proteins more accessible so companies must be in tune with this trend and continue to innovate on existing product lines.

9. Healthy Snacks to Grab-and-Go

Snacking is still a top trend among consumers and companies are being asked to provide healthier options. Consumers want snacks that are nutritious, convenient, and flavorful. Companies should consider providing snacks that are made with real ingredients, are easy to grab-and-go, and have multiple flavor and ingredient combinations.

10. Culturally Diverse Flavor Profiles and Ingredients

One trend that is beginning to gain momentum is the desire for culturally diverse flavor profiles and ingredients. Consumers are looking for flavors and ingredients from a variety of cultures to experience new tastes and experiences. Companies should focus on developing products that pay tribute to various global cultures, while still making sure the products contain the familiar flavors consumers know and love.

These are just some of the top 10 trends that food and beverage distributors should consider as 2023 approaches. Companies should be aware of consumer desires and develop strategies to meet consumer demands. By understanding the trends, distributors can stay competitive in the industry and provide the right products to their customers.