Top 10 Things to Consider for 2023 Dessert Trends

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2023 Dessert Trends

Desserts are a crucial part of the culinary experience. Whether it’s the ending of a romantic dinner or a treat to make a special occasion more unforgettable, desserts always add something special to an event. As we move into 2023, there are various trends in the food industry that are becoming more popular, and it’s important to keep an eye on them if you’re a restaurateur or a franchise looking to expand locations and understanding local trends.

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Below are the top ten things to consider when taking a look at the upcoming 2023 dessert trends:

1. Mindful Desserts – Healthy but Crave-able

The trend of “mindful” desserts is picking up steam across the country. The trend is a combination of ingredients that are both healthy and indulgent. Rather than all-out cakes and cookies with refined sugars, these desserts focus on using natural and alternative sweeteners like coconut sugar and monk fruit, plus nutrient-dense ingredients like beans, hemp, and chickpeas.

2. Spiked Desserts – Boozy Sweet Treats

Spiked desserts – or desserts that incorporate some form of alcohol – has been growing in popularity. Spiked desserts offer a great way to mix the sweetness of dessert with the robust complexities of alcohol. This trend primarily encompasses adult-only treats but also includes family-friendly desserts that are alcohol-free.

3. Veggie & Vegan Sweets – Plant-Based Surprises

Vegetables and vegan-friendly desserts are also making a splash in the dessert world. As veganism is becoming more popular, more recipes are being developed that use alternative ingredients to give desserts both an indulgent and healthful bent. Vegetables such as beets, squash, and carrots are becoming popular additions to desserts. Many vegan-friendly recipes will use non-dairy yogurts and nut-based creams to create tasty treats that are dairy-free.

4. No-Bake Wonders – Chefs Skip The Oven

Cookies, cakes, and pastries are all wonderful ways to create a sweet treat. But today, many chefs are deciding to skip the oven and opt instead for a variety of delicious no-bake treats. No-bake wonders are a great way to get the same delicious desserts without having to turn on the oven.

5. Globally Inspired Desserts – Treats From Around The World

Desserts are taking a cue from cuisines throughout the world. This trend is focusing on flavors and desserts that are specifically representative of different cultures. Diana’s Bananas is a great example of this, as their flavors span from Japanese Mint Matcha, South American Dulce de Leche, and even North American Red Velvet.

6. Unusual Combinations – Flavor Pairs To Procure Your Palate

Chefs and bakers are getting more creative with unusual flavor combinations. Both savory and sweet desserts are being combined in unexpected ways, creating an entirely new flavor profile. Sweet-and-savory combinations often involve adding dairy products, like miso-buttercream frosting or bacon-topped cupcakes.

7. Desserts For Breakfast – Shortcakes, Waffles, And More!

Breakfast sweets are also on the uptick. Morning meals are being jazzed up with all sorts of bakery delights – coffee cakes, cream-filled donuts, waffles, banana-bread french toast, and other tasty treats. Many chefs are also experimenting with savory breakfast croissants filled with ingredients like feta, spinach, and mushrooms.

8. Branded & Customizable Desserts – Fun with a Signature

Brand extensions are becoming more popular in the dessert world. Many restaurants are creating their own signature desserts and giving them a custom look. This can include flavor badges, custom shapes, custom decorations, and anything that gives the treat a unique look.

9. Packaged Desserts – Just Add Milk or Water

In terms of desserts, the convenience factor is an ever-growing trend. More and more brands are now offering desserts that require minimal preparation. These desserts often require only a few ingredients, like milk or water, and take just minutes to prepare.

10. Gourmet Snack Cakes – Cake Ration Re-imagined

Snack cakes are having a moment in the foodservice industry. They’re being re-imagined in various forms, from miniature cakes and tarts to cupcakes and cake bites. They pack a lot of flavor and sophistication in a small package and they’re perfect for smaller gatherings and even single-serving desserts.

These are the top ten trends that you should take into consideration for 2023’s dessert scene. As you look towards the future, you’ll find that these trends will ensure your dessert offerings stay at the top of the foodservice industry.