Top 10 Things to Consider About Trending Desserts

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Trending Dessert

With increased competition in the foodservice market, making smart decisions about the dessert menu is more important than ever before. From quick service restaurants to caterers to food chains and cafeterias, understanding these trends is vital if businesses want to keep their customers happy and their profit up. But which desserts are worth the time, energy, and resources?

The best option for merchants and restaurateurs is to stay on top of the market trends, and so here are the top 10 things to consider when examining popular dessert trends in the foodservice industry.

1. Offer Variety

When it comes to desserts, variety is the spice of life. Innovative desserts – such as a new type of doughnut, nut-based recipes, or buckwheat crepes – always catch the attention of customers and keep things interesting for them. By offering a variety of desserts, you can appeal to a bigger segment of the market and prevent customers from getting bored with a limited menu.

2. Consider Healthy Alternatives and Adaptations

As the focus on healthy eating increases, many restaurants have embraced healthier alternatives and adjustments to their dessert menus. This can mean using less sugar or replacing sugary ingredients with more natural substitutes, such as honey or agave nectar. Other adapted options include gluten-free recipes, vegan treats, and options lower in fat. Offering these types of desserts as part of the menu allows businesses to win over health-conscious customers – while still satisfying those with a sweet tooth.

3. Utilize Fresh Ingredients

Modern customers have a preference for fresh ingredients – and desserts made with them. By opting for fruit, nuts, and bulk items such as flour, sugar, and eggs, restaurants can maximize the freshness factor in their desserts. Plus, purchasing ingredients in bulk can help cut down on costs.

4. Rely on Simple Recipes

Creating intricate desserts can be time-consuming and often require complex and expensive ingredients. That’s why many restaurants choose to go for simpler recipes. Recipes such as steamed puddings, brownies, and ice cream-based desserts all offer the benefit of using simple ingredients, plus they’re cost-effective, too.

5. Try Ethnic-Inspired Desserts

Ethnic-inspired desserts have gained immense popularity in foodservice over the past few years. From Korean bingsu to Mexican churros to Spanish flan, global desserts are becoming a staple offering in many restaurants and cafés. These ethnic-inspired dishes use local ingredients and flavors, just as they do when prepared in their traditional countries.

6. Rely on Natural Sweeteners

Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with the health effects of artificial sweeteners. As such, many restaurants are choosing to opt for natural alternatives, such as honey, coconut sugar, maple syrup, and dates. Offering desserts with these sweeteners not only appeals to health-conscious customers but also brings a subtle flavor to the desserts.

7. Keep it Colorful

Colorful desserts have been popular for years, but that doesn’t mean they’re no longer on trend. Customers love seeing vivid colors in desserts, whether that’s achieved through layering, creative toppings, or other methods. This makes food more appealing and helps create a highlight on the menu.

8. Differentiate

A distinct competitive edge for any business is bringing in something unique that customers can’t find anywhere else. Many desserts are created using a variety of ingredients, and combining them in an unusual way can produce something special. Also, creating new recipes that offer a unique flavor can help to keep up with the ever-changing trends.

9. Stay Open to New Ideas

Experimenting with new ingredients and flavors is essential when it comes to catering to the modern customer. Chefs should constantly be looking at ways to mix up current dishes and create something completely new. Desserts can be a great opportunity to reveal new flavors and serve customers something out of the ordinary.

10. Invest in Quality

Ultimately, it pays to invest in quality desserts. By using ingredients which are high in quality, well presented, and free from artificial preservatives, businesses can offer the best possible dessert experience. This will not only bring customers back, but also create a great reputation for the restaurant as a whole.

In the competitive foodservice market, understanding current trends is essential for merchants and restaurateurs as they battle to win over customers with desserts. By taking into account these 10 points of consideration, businesses can create a dessert menu that meets the needs of modern customers and ensures long-term success.