Top 10 Considerations on Flavor Trends in 2023

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Flavor Trends 2023

When it comes to foodservice, all the restaurants and franchisees are trying to stay ahead of the game, to know what will be the latest flavors and taste trends in the coming years, in order to capitalize on them as soon as possible. With 2023 soon approaching, many are gearing up to be prepared for the new flavors and tastes that they should offer to keep their customers happy and coming back. This is why it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, and here are the top 10 things to consider before launching a new flavor in 2023.

1. Local Flavors: Local flavors are the biggest trend of 2023, as there has been a strong focus on region-specific flavors that have minority cultural representation in the United States. Especially with the pandemic still originating in the US, there has been a focus on supporting small businesses and growing a food culture unique to the region.

2. Molecular Cuisine: Molecular Gastronomy, also known as cuisine science, is a trend that has been very popular amongst high-end restaurants. Now, it is entering the mainstream market, and this is an amazing trend to capitalize on in 2023. Many restaurants are starting to use liquid nitrogen in their recipes to create frozen drinks, ice creams, and soups, and some are even using 3D printing to create intricate dishes.

3. Plant-Based Ingredients: Plant-based ingredients have become a mainstay in many dishes across the United States, and this trend is expected to continue in 2023. This is thanks to the ever-growing health consciousness and awareness for sustainable cooking and eating. Many restaurants are now offering plant-based proteins, such as vegan meats, and this is a trend that shows more and more staying power.

4. Middle Eastern Flavors: Middle Eastern flavors have been slowly but steadily making their way to the American palate, and they are set to become more popular in 2023. With an economy set to recover from the pandemic, Middle Eastern flavors are predicted to be big in order to satisfy the curiosity and palette of both existing and new customers.

5. Sour Profile: Although sweet has been the popular profile in the past, the trend appears to be shifting towards sour flavors in the upcoming year. Sour flavors like sour beers, pickled food, and fermented flavors have slowly become popular, and many are predicting its continued success in the coming years.

6. Superfoods: Superfoods have recently become extremely popular due to their health benefits, and this trend is expected to carry over into 2023. Superfoods are rich in vitamins and minerals, fiber, phytonutrients, and essential fatty acids, which makes them a favorite for health-conscious consumers.

7. Spice: Spices from around the globe are becoming commonplace in many dishes, and this is a trend that will age as time continues. Spices give dishes a unique and interesting flavor, and this is why it has become so popular in the last couple of years. In the coming year, expect to see more dishes with an Eastern influence, with plenty of interesting spices thrown into the mix.

8. Sugar Alternatives: Sugar alternatives are gaining more attention due to the health and dietary concerns related to sugar. With many people looking for ways to reduce the amount of sugar they consume, sugar alternatives are becoming increasingly popular. These replacements can also help restaurants reduce their costs, since sugar alternatives are often cheaper than the real thing.

9. Umami: Umami, or the fifth taste, has been gaining traction in the foodservice industry in the last few years, and it will continue to be popular in 2023. Umami is a savory flavor that can be found in dishes such as aged cheeses, mushrooms, fish sauce, and soy sauce, and it has been linked to increased salivation and a longer-lasting flavor sensation.

10. Pre-mixed Drinks: Pre-mixed drinks are becoming more and more popular in the foodservice industry, and they are expected to continue being a hit in 2023. These drinks are often pre-made with various flavors, which makes them the perfect choice for busy restaurants that don’t have time to make drinks for their customers.

These are the top 10 flavor trends to consider for 2023 in the foodservice industry. Having a good understanding of the trends will help franchisors better plan their operations for the coming year, stay ahead of the game, and come up with unique and delicious flavors that their customers are sure to love.