Tools to Give Food & Beverage Distributors a Competitive Edge

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Competition in the food and beverage (F&B) sector is particularly fierce, with companies having to constantly innovate their distribution and sales strategies in order to stand out. As such, having access to the right market insight and data analytics is essential if F&B distributors are to remain competitive. The good news is that advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have given foodservice businesses the tools to power their sales and marketing efforts with greater accuracy and efficiency.

Brizo provides a suite of data and AI-based insights for organizations seeking to gain a deeper understanding of the foodservice market. Their data allows users to undertake highly targeted research, prospecting, and analytics for the foodservice sector, including comprehensive menu data and restaurant tech coverage.

This article explores how F&B distributors can use the range of data-driven insights and analytics available through Brizo for sales prospecting, enhanced marketing, kitchen expansion, and production innovation.

Sales Prospecting in the Foodservice Market

Sales prospecting is a process that encompasses lead generation, qualifying, nurturing, and closing. With the right data and insights at your fingertips, food & beverage distributors can target the most promising leads with greater accuracy and increase their chances of making a sale.

Brizo provides market research data and analytics necessary to identify the best prospects for any particular product or service within the F&B industry. By understanding the buying behavior of customers and business partners in the market, the user is better equipped to determine who is likely to buy their product, as well as who will be sensitive to price.

Using marketing automation tools, Brizo also provides an efficient and accurate means of prospecting potential clients. It distills and organizes the data associated with each prospect and allows distributors to deliver personalized message to the right part of the market at the right time.

Marketing to the Foodservice Market

AI-derived insights from Brizo can also help F&B distributors nurture leads more effectively and convert prospects into customers. By leveraging the market intelligence made available, users can identify customer segments and tailor specific marketing messages and campaigns that will be more effective in engaging their target audience.

Through qualitative and quantitative research, Brizo helps the user create segmented customer personas that drive the development of data-driven marketing campaigns. Plus, users can develop insights into customer sentiment and preferences that can inform their approach to content marketing and product development.

Finding Kitchens and Expanding Operations

Commercial kitchens are crucial for getting food products from producer to consumer. Having a comprehensive understanding of the locations and expansion needs of existing kitchens can help food & beverage distributors to better support their production staff and plan for future growth.

Market intelligence from Brizo makes this process far quicker and easier. By providing detailed information on the number of kitchens in the US and their location, the user can quickly identify areas of opportunity and target the right prospects in the right market.

Plus, by accessing profiled data on operators such as F&B type, size, and menu offerings, the user can understand the strengths and weaknesses of current production facilities in order to identify the best potential growth areas.

Data Enrichment

Data enrichment and analysis are essential for improving organizational efficiency and making better decisions. AI-based insights from Brizo allow organizations to take their existing data sources and create a deeper understanding of the foodservice market by adding relevant attributes to their data sets.

The user can understand more about their audiences by adding in attributes such as demographics, location, social behavioral preferences, purchasing habits and more. This allows them to track and analyze customer behavior in different regions and develop targeted marketing strategies for the right customers.

Additionally, data enrichment helps food & beverage producers and distributors hone their forecasting capabilities. By leveraging the insights provided by Brizo, users can predict demand better and deploy resources more efficiently.