Food Service Analytics for Restaurants

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Evaluating Product Analytics Studios For Restaurants

Running a successful restaurant is a difficult and complex endeavor. To generate a profit and ensure sustainability, restaurateurs must make data-driven decisions based on industry trends, sales intelligence, and consumer preferences. A quality business analytics platform can help restaurants make informed decisions by providing comprehensive market insights and timely intelligence to drive profitability.

Brizo provides an intelligent business analytics platform designed to help foodservice providers realize their goals and build a competitive edge with enhanced customer segmentation, more comprehensive market insights, sales intelligence, enhanced data enrichment, and marketing and competitive strategies.

For busy restaurateurs, the ability to make decisions quickly and accurately is paramount. Our analytics platform provides the information and insights needed to make informed decisions in real-time to ensure restaurant success. Discover how data-driven decision making with Brizo’s foodservice analytics platform can benefit your restaurant today.

Sales Prospecting and Lead Generation

Sales Prospecting is vital to the success of any food service business. When attempting to grow your customer base, you need access to data-driven insights and the ability to optimize lead generation. With Brizo’s platform, all of this is possible. Our platform provides the intelligence and data enrichment you need for strategic sales prospecting.

We provide insights on every type of foodservice location, includingThey offers detailed analytics on the types of foodservice locations, operator and owner information, menus, and operations. We break down this information into customer segments and analyze both the products/services they offer, as well as customer lifetime value. This allows you to gain a deep understanding of your prospects and to target your lead generation efforts for maximum results.

Marketing to the Food Service Market

Another key challenge when marketing to the food service market is being able to accurately target your efforts. Brizo’s platform provides the intelligence, insights, and data enrichment necessary for successful marketing campaigns. Our platform integrates with multiple marketing platforms and provides detailed analytics on the best times and geographies to target your potential customers. Furthermore, we enhance data enrichment with customer segmentation and other insights that provide the information to ensure your marketing efforts are successful.

Find Kitchens & Expand Operations

Expanding operations can be a difficult and expensive process. However, with Brizo’s platform, you can streamline the process and quickly identify the best kitchens to target and locations to open new restaurants. Our platform provides detailed insights and analytics into the food service market, allowing you to make informed decisions and obtain the amount of information you need to make the right decisions quickly. We allow you to identify potential partners, competitors, investors, and possible expansions with ease.

Data Enrichment

Data enrichment is a major part of any business analytics platform. With Brizo’s platform, you can easily enhance your systems and make decisions with the confidence that comes with having the right information. We provide detailed market insights, detailed consumer and industry segmentation, and insights into regional trends for greater accuracy. Our platform helps ensure you are always on top of the latest trends, so you can make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.


Foodservice providers are faced with the challenge of making data-driven decisions to ensure their success. Brizo’s foodservice analytics platform provides the intelligence and insights necessary to make informed decisions quickly and accurately. Our platform provides info on customer segmentation, market insights, sales intelligence, data enrichment, and more. This allows foodservice providers to acquire the right leads, market strategically, expand operations, and enhance their systems with valuable data to make smarter decisions.