Evaluating and Understanding Trend Sales Inc

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Trend Sales Inc

If you’re a supplier or data provider, understanding the foodservice market trends across regions and sectors is essential. The foodservice market is particularly competitive, requiring a deeper understanding and analysis that can come only through data. To stay ahead of such market conditions and acquire leads quicker and with more accuracy, strategies such as sales prospecting and competitor research must be integrated into a business’s operations. Brizo provides a board and diverse set of data for thorough understanding of the foodservice market and analysis.

This comprehensive guide provides an insight into how to use its market insights platform to leverage sales, marketing, and product intelligence across the foodservice industry. You’ll discover how to use trend analysis to assess the current market conditions as well as research and target potential customers. You will also learn how to exploit data enrichment opportunities to enhance your systems and operations.

Sales Prospecting

Sales prospecting is an often overlooked but integral part of any foodservice business’s operations. But with the ever increasing competition in the foodservice industry, it’s become paramount that supplier and restaurant technology providers take a data-led approach to their sales teams and operations.

Brizo understands that sales personnel needs access to robust and precise market insights. That’s why it has integrated its data science, AI and big data analytics into a single platform that provides sales teams with highly targeted research and prospects, empowering them to generate more leads with remarkable speed. Using automatically updated data, the insights platform allows you to monitor trends over time including menu data, restaurant tech coverage and more. This intelligence allows you to adapt your sales teams’ approach by exploiting the additional visibility into their targets giving you the most accurate leads and countless opportunities in the foodservice industry.

Competitive Intelligence

Using the cutting edge technology in Market Trends provided by Brizo, you can gain superior insights into the foodservice market’s movements, trends, and competition in order to gain the competitive advantage. With the power of Brizo competitive intelligence, you can detect customer needs, target customers before competitors, create better marketing campaigns and product launches, and expand your existing services.

Being able to understand the foodservice market’s latest trends is key to determining your competitors’ strategies and giving you an advantage when it comes to market positioning. With a comprehensive dataset you can gain improved insight into market position, volume, type, trends, and more. With access to a reliable dataset, you can target your campaigns with unprecedented accuracy and make decisions with the utmost confidence.

Marketing to the Foodservice Market

Brizo’s data-driven insights also allow you to convert and close more leads in the foodservice market. This data suggests that there are more opportunities for marketing in the foodservice sector than ever before.

However, it’s important to look beyond the traditional marketing channels and embrace the new trends in foodservice marketing, including more sophisticated digital marketing, targeted email campaigns, and social media strategies.

Take advantage of unique consumer insights generated from data, and create new campaigns that really resonate and convert. From menu trends to delivery insights, you can understand what your customers need and create strategies that capture their attention and convert leads into customers.

Find Kitchens & Expand Operations

Using a reliable dataset like Brizo’s, you can also streamline production innovation, efficiently expand your brand, and open new kitchens in the most strategic locations. Data insights provided by Brizo allow you to develop a comprehensive view of the foodservice market in your region and target new prospects with precision.

Whether you’re looking for new venues to expand your operations or looking to strengthen your existing network, this data can inform decisions on locations to open kitchens, optimize the customer experience, and contribute to your bottom line.

Data Enrichment

Data enrichment has become essential for restaurant technology providers and suppliers in the foodservice market. Leveraging the right data will help provide you with key customer insights, keeping your data sources more accurate and up to date.

With insights afforded to you by Brizo’s sophisticated data, you can keep your systems updated and enhance your marketing campaigns. These insights offer restaurant technology providers and suppliers an unprecedented level of customer understanding to inform decisions and identify potential opportunities in the foodservice market.


This guide provides an overview of Brizo’s sophistication market analytics platform and how it can be used to accelerate operations within the foodservice market. With automatic data updates, access to comprehensive datasets, and the ability to exploit unique customer insights, Brizo is unmatchable in its ability to capture the dynamic movements and trends of the foodservice sector and take advantage of the opportunities they offer.