The Top 10 Things to Consider Regarding Chicago Restaurant Trends

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Chicago Restaurant Trends

Chicago has long been a culinary force in the United States. With its vibrant food culture, it is no surprise that the Windy City is driving key restaurant trends across the country. From new technology to innovative concepts, it is essential for foodservice distributors to understand the current trends and stay ahead of the curve.

To help you analyze the many aspects of Chicago’s restaurant market, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten things to consider regarding the main restaurant trends in the city:

1) Changing consumer preferences: With the advent of delivery and mobile technology, consumer preferences are rapidly changing. They are now looking for unique dishes and dishes that fit their dietary needs. This means that restaurants need to pay attention to what their customers are asking for and provide a variety of options according to customer demand.

2) Expanding restaurant technology: Restaurants are increasingly looking to technology to help manage their back-office activities and streamline their operations. For example, automated order-taking systems and kitchen automation systems are allowing restaurants to better manage their inventories and save time and labor costs.

3) Growing competition among restaurants: With the rise of delivery-related businesses and other foodservice providers, competition among restaurants is high and growing. Restaurants must focus on creating a unique and innovative customer experience to stand out from the competition. From haute cuisine to gastropubs, the competition for patrons’ stomachs in Chicago is fierce.

4) Upskilling employees: Employers need to invest in training and upskilling their employees to provide the best customer experience and remain competitive. This includes rotating employees between different restaurants and departments for them to learn the different roles.

5) Increased focus on sustainability: With climate change top-of-mind, sustainability is becoming a key aspect of dining out. From restaurants opting for more sustainable ingredients to using compostable packaging, this trend is here to stay.

6) Pop-up and chef-driven concepts: Pop-up restaurants are becoming increasingly popular in Chicago as local chefs look to experiment with different concepts and dishes. This is creating an exciting atmosphere for diners to explore new experiences.

7) Expansion of international cuisines: International cuisines are becoming increasingly popular, especially with the increasing immigration population in Chicago. From Middle Eastern to Asian and more, chefs are bringing new flavors and cuisines to the city’s restaurants.

8) Expansion of food halls and markets: Food halls and markets are becoming increasingly popular as diners look to explore different cuisines in one location. This is an exciting trend for foodservice distributors to capitalize on, whether it’s supplying fresh ingredients or selling their own products.

9) Increasing customer loyalty: With the proliferation of rewards and loyalty programs, customers are more likely to frequent the same restaurant over and over again. Restaurants must focus on creating a superior customer experience to keep diners coming back.

10) Continued focus on delivery: Delivery is here to stay and will continue to be a key part of the restaurant industry. For foodservice distributors, this means they will need to focus on delivering fresh ingredients and food products to restaurants quickly and efficiently.

Understanding and capitalizing on the key trends in Chicago’s foodservice market is essential for distributors looking to succeed in the future. With the right data and insights, foodservice distributors can stay informed and make more informed decisions.