The Power of Brizo’s Data in Expanding Your Restaurant Franchise

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Every franchise owner knows that there’s a lot to account for and research when deciding to expand location or open a new restaurant. Beyond the traditional market research (trends, competitors, location-specific regulation) that needs to be done, there are several new and unique factors that franchisors need to consider before entering a new market. The most important of which is having an understanding of the local food scene. While getting to know the local dialect and seeing the sights might be a must for any franchisor, understanding the technology and data that drives the foodservice industry is also a necessity.

That’s where Brizo comes in. Awarded the “Industry Innovator of the Year” in 2021 for its Board, Brizo provides a suite of powerful data and analytics that are tailored and specific to the foodservice market. This not only gives franchisors an unprecedented level of market insight, but it also equips them with the information to be more confident when selecting and expanding into a new location.

Sales Prospecting

Brizo adds an invaluable resource to the sales process of franchise expansion. Not only can it automatically detect buying signals from prospects and warm leads, but its data also allows franchisors to segment, target, and identify the right customers while knowing the local food trends.

The Board, currently used for sales prospecting, provides a comprehensive dashboard and data-rich analytics to help franchises gain insights into their customer base while entering a new market. Allowing franchisors to more accurately target and reach their desired prospects, Brizo’s sales prospecting exponentially enhances the expansion process.

Marketing to the Foodservice Market

Adopting Brizo’s Board also plays a key role in the marketing part of the restaurant expansion process. Through its wide selection of data, marketers can build more in-depth buyer personas while understanding how a restaurant’s food might fit within the context of a local market. In addition, Brizo’s data helps franchises pinpoint competitors as well as key influencers who can potentially be engaged in the marketing plan.

By utilizing Brizo’s data-driven insights and analytics, franchises can confidently tailor their marketing strategies for a maximum expanded reach in each area.

Find Kitchens & Expand Operations

Brizo is the perfect tool for franchise owners to quickly pinpoint and select restaurants with non-traditional kitchens, such as a poke bowl chain, and evaluate them to see how they would fit the brand’s overall mission. Utilizing Brizo’s insights helps franchisors determine the specific food trends and demands of each area, allowing them to determine whether a new restaurant or location should offer an offshoot concept or serve its standard menu.

Brizo Board also assists in personnel planning to adequately staff each new location. Franchisors can use the Board’s insights to determine the demand and staffing needs of each location while building out its operational strategy.

Data Enrichment

Not only does Brizo speed up the decision-making processes while defining strategies for expansion, but its data also enhances restaurant systems with more comprehensive market insights. It allows franchisors to make more informed decisions with confidence, such as the type of kitchen a restaurant can support, the trends and demands that need to be met, and optimal staffing strategies. All backed by Brizo’s data transformation, helping to support the capabilities of existing systems.

In summation, the data and insights provided by Brizo’s Board are invaluable in helping franchisors enter new markets and expand their restaurant locations with confidence and informed strategies. By understanding the local food scene and leveraging Brizo’s insights, franchisors are more equipped to develop and operationalize an efficient and successful expansion process.