The most popular delivery apps in the USA.

Food delivery concept - healthy lunch in boxes

Restaurant delivery has become an essential part of restaurants surviving in 2020 and so Brizo FoodMetrics, an analytics company that provides actionable analytics for companies in the foodservice industry, decided to look at which delivery apps restaurants use the most in the USA.

Restaurants are trying to find a way to continue to serve their clients during these unprecedented times and food delivery has become the only way restaurants can continue to generate revenue since most states are not allowing restaurants to serve their patrons on site.

With almost 70 percent of all restaurants in the USA using at least 1 delivery app to serve their clients, we wanted to know which delivery app has partnered with the most restaurants.  The numbers change daily but as of the time of this blog, the top delivery apps in the USA are Postmates, GrubHub & DoorDash.  As of today, Postmates sits at the top of that list partnering with almost 35 percent of all restaurants.  Grubhub is a close second with 33 percent and DoorDash with 3 percent.

We are all familiar with the larger delivery services so Brizo FoodMetrics wanted to look at some of the small/medium delivery services that also help us enjoy our favorite restaurants.  In the area of medium-sized delivery services, we see a significant drop in the volume of restaurants that use their services, but they are equally as valuable nonetheless.  With 1.9 percent of restaurants using their service, Eatstreet is most popular in New York, Los Angeles & Chicago.  Delivery.com partners with 1.3% of all restaurants but is very popular in NYC with 39 percent of their restaurants located in that market.

As for some of the smaller delivery services, they are great at ensuring that the suburban and rural areas are covered as well.  OrangeCrate is a great example of a delivery service that covers smaller markets with most of their restaurants (56 percent) being located in cities with a population of 25K – 250K.

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