The Foodservice Market Intelligence Revolution

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Evaluating Restaurant Market Intelligence Programs

Harnessing the power of data science, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics to unlock value in the foodservice market has become more than a competitive advantage – it is now necessary to remain viable as a restaurant technology provider.

As supplier’s costs to sell to restaurants, foodservice operators, and markets continue to rise, restaurants are using market intelligence platforms to support all areas of their operation in order to remain competitive.

Brizo is leading the way in the foodservice market intelligence revolution, providing a broad and diverse set of data to enable deeper analysis and understanding. Our unique data fields, ranging from comprehensive menu data to restaurant technology coverage, are designed to assist our users in targeting their research and prospecting efforts to the foodservice market.

In this article, we will explore the different ways the intelligent insights provided by Brizo can be leveraged to (1) equip sales teams to empower sales professionals; (2) equip marketing teams to offer exceptional campaigns and unparalleled geographic targeting; (3) streamline operations and expand businesses; and (4) enrich company data. With an in-depth look at these four key areas, you’ll gain an understanding of how the foodservice market can be leveraged to inform and improve your business operations.

Sales Intelligence

In the foodservice market, sellers and sales teams are often competing against some of the largest and most established brands in the world.Prospecting leads, researching competitors, and staying informed of the landscape can take a large amount of time and effort. With the data-driven intelligence provided by Brizo, sales teams are now equipped with the tools they need to be successful in their efforts.

Brizo supports sales team efforts in two key ways:

First, our data-driven insights and analytics equip sales teams with the intelligence they need to find productive leads quickly and efficiently. Through intelligent background checks that investigate demographics, menus, and competitor landscapes, sales teams can target the right restaurants and better understand potential customers.

Second, Brizo’s insights enable sales teams to hone in on the most profitable leads. By drilling down into market trends and customer preferences, sales teams can identify and target customers with the most potential for success.

Marketing Intelligence

Marketing teams are responsible for creating, optimizing, and executing campaigns that engage with customers and encourage sales. With the amount of information available to us today, however, the task of selecting the appropriate strategies can be overwhelming. With Brizo’s marketing intelligence, marketers can get the data they need to stand out from the competition.

Using the tools provided by Brizo, marketing teams can use detailed industry insights to effectively reach their customer base. By taking a data-led approach to planning campaigns, teams can take advantage of the demographic breakdowns of their restaurant prospects to target those customers that are most likely to convert.

In addition, by utilizing the geographic-level breakouts available in Brizo’s data, marketing campaigns can be created to target specific regions. Whether it’s a local, statewide, or national promotion, Brizo is able to provide the data-driven insights to ensure that a campaign reaches its intended audience.

Find Kitchens & Expand Operations

Modern foodservice operations are highly complex and require extensive resources. To ensure efficiency, restaurants need to make decisions that are both informed and timely. Brizo offers a way to gain a comprehensive understanding of the foodservice landscape that helps operations improve the speed and accuracy of decision-making.

By leveraging our detailed menu and service data, restaurant operations teams can quickly identify and connect with potential partners. By taking into account prices, ratings, menu offerings, and competitor references, this data helps operations quickly identify the restaurants most likely to be able to meet their needs.

In addition, Brizo’s data allows for business expansion in two key ways – by providing insight into myriads of potential markets and by providing a deep understanding of current market conditions. By connecting with local vendors, restaurants are able to quickly expand their operations to new areas by taking advantage of the local labor force. This same data can then be used to identify and adjust to changes in customer preferences and local market conditions.

Data Enrichment

Data-driven insights can be a powerful tool to supplement existing systems and processes. By enriching existing data with foodservice market intelligence, companies can quickly gain an understanding of trends and consumer preferences.

Through comprehensive menu and recipe data, operations teams can uncover customer preferences and develop effective strategies to maximize the appeal of their offerings. Data on competitor pricing and customer trends can be used to ensure the company’s own pricing remains competitive. Companies even have the option of enriching customer data with intelligence on customer location and prospective customer’s past ordering behavior, enabling personalized offers and faster funneling of prospects to customers.

In addition, the Brizo system allows companies to set up alerting systems that notify them when certain conditions are met. By alerting when the competitive landscape changes or notifying when customer preferences start to trend in a certain direction, companies can quickly adjust their operations to stay competitive and gain the most out of their market intelligence initiatives.

The foodservice market revolution is well underway and the data intelligence provided by Brizo is leading the way. From sales and marketing to expanding operations and enhancing existing systems, the data-led insights provided by Brizo’s platform give our users a significant advantage in the foodservice market.