The Foodservice Market Guide to Understanding & Evaluating Trends

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Retail Food Trends

As the foodservice market continues to grow and evolve, it can be difficult for data providers to keep a handle on the trends shaping its development. New and emerging solutions continue to emerge, making it more challenging to target opportunities and make data-driven decisions with confidence. At Brizo, our foodservice market intelligence platform provides our clients with the unique data fields, menu data, deep analytics and insights that they need to better understand their market and address their challenges.

Sales Prospecting In The Foodservice Market

Equipping your sales team with data-driven insights into the foodservice market at large and local levels is becoming increasingly important. By using our market analytics platform to target specific leads, you can not only identify promising prospects, but also get a fuller understanding of their preferences and requirements. This knowledge can be used to develop tailored sales strategies to better engage potential customers and convert them into real ones.

Marketing To The Foodservice Market

With better market insights, you can build marketing campaigns and strategies with the confidence of greater knowledge. With our platform’s predictive insights, you can target the customers most likely to engage and convert, and develop campaigns with more success. You can also use the data to identify and target new market opportunities and build maximum awareness. This helps you dominate your sector and make the most of its opportunities.

Find Kitchens & Expand Operations

Data science and big data analytics can be key to smooth and speedy innovation and expansion. With better understanding of the foodservice market’s opportunities and choices, you can strategically increase your brand’s visibility and reach. You can use insights from our platform to identify new kitchens and prime spots for expansion in existing markets, or to target new ones where you can carve out your own niche.

Data Enrichment

With our data enrichment solution we take the data collected from our platform and enrich it further, making it even more comprehensive and relevant to your particular business needs. This helps you make decisions with greater speed and confidence, while also being sure that they are based on the best and most up-to-date market trends, menu insight and competitive intelligence.

In summary

At Brizo, our main goal is to simplify the ever-changing foodservice market for our clients and help them make intelligent, data-driven decisions. Our platform’s data fields, menu data insights and unique analytics provide customers with a comprehensive picture of their market, potential leads and competitors. All of this enables smarter marketing, sales strategies and decisions that boost your sales and help you find new markets and operations.