The Emerging Food Retail Market and the Data Insights it Unlocks

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Retail Food Trends

In the rapidly changing landscape of the food industry, staying ahead of the curve is a must for industry players to remain competitive and drive innovation. The data and insights that can be unlocked through comprehensive market intelligence helps restaurant technology providers to offer premium services and develop their own competitive edge, thereby pushing their business forward.

Most of the data used for retail food analysis is typically sourced from external agencies or stacked with the help of manual analytics. With Brizo, technology providers can look forward to highly targeted and specific research and prospecting services for the foodservice market. Our diverse set of data fields are tailored to the industry to support insights such as in-depth menu analysis, as well as restaurant technology coverage.

Our foodservice market insights platform provides sales intelligence that helps to streamline research and acquire leads efficiently and with remarkable speed. Sales teams can leverage advanced data science, artificial intelligence and big data analytics to build meaningful customer relationships and acquire leads with ease. Marketing teams can also benefit from the use of data-driven insights and analytics to optimize their campaigns and target customers more effectively.

Besides tailored market insights, our platform also provides a competitive edge to interested parties through industry-specific intelligence and market trends. Our data provides restaurant technology providers with an understanding of competitor behaviour, tactics and key strategies. With this extra knowledge, providers can therefore plan their expansion and enhance production. This powerful insight further provides restaurant owners with the confidence to acquire kitchens and locations that suit their needs, as with the right data, they can accurately monitor and project growth.

Essential market intelligence helps you stay ahead in the food retail market. Our data enrichment services can go a long way in helping restaurant technology providers to make more informed decisions and improve operations. With our comprehensive data processing capabilities, restaurant technology providers have the opportunity to be at the forefront of retail food trends.