The Definitive Guide to Understanding Foodservice Trends in 2023

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Foodservice Trends 2023

Foodservice is an ever-evolving and ever-growing industry that is seeing significant changes in the way consumers are interacting with restaurants. To stay ahead of the curve, franchise owners and operators must stay up to date on the latest changes and trends in the industry. With the help of Brizo, the world’s most comprehensive foodservice data insights platform, there is the potential to better understand the foodservice market and to enhance operations. In this article, we will explore Frequently Asked Questions around foodservice trends for 2023 to help equip individuals with the knowledge they need to stay ahead in the competitive market.

What are the top foodservice trends for 2023?

As 2023 approaches, there are numerous trends driving the future of the foodservice industry. With Covid-19 impacting how people are interacting with restaurants and how brands are thinking about foodservice operations, these trends will have long-run effects in the industry.

1. Increase in Digitalized Dining Experiences.

As the trend towards digitalization continues, the foodservice industry is seeing a rise in the ever-evolving digital dining experience. Restaurant, digital ordering platforms, and even Virtual Restaurants are on the rise. With the ease of integration between food delivery services and restaurants, the growth of digitalized dining experiences is expected to grow significantly in the foodservice market. This can affect restaurant operations in various ways, including how menu items are presented, how to optimize delivery and pick-up options, and how providers are able to track sales, customers, and loyalty programs.

2. Rise of Technology to Enhance the Dining Experience

In 2023, the industry saw a dramatic rise in the use of technology to improve the overall dining experience. From cashless transactions and contactless delivery to automated ordering systems, there is a focus on streamlining operations while enhancing customer experience. Technology can also be used to more accurately track customer data—allowing franchises the potential to better personalize their offerings and messaging to better appeal to their target market.

3. Incorporation of Video to Enhance Brand Awareness

Video continues to be a powerful tool in influencing consumer behavior. The foodservice industry is taking notice and utilizing video in important ways, such as creating virtual restaurants (uploading videos of menu items) and how-to videos, to enhance the customer experience. This trend is now being seen on restaurant websites, as franchises are implementing digital experiences that are powered by video integration.

4. Innovation in Food Alternatives

The trend towards incorporating more plant-based and vegan food into menus will continue to grow in 2023. With an increased focus on sustainability, there are multiple alternative ways to provide creative and sustainable dishes. Alongside vegan food, the industry is also seeing a shift towards various Brazilian-style proteins such as heart of palm, jackfruit, and yucca.

What Are the Most Promising Industries for Franchises?

With the right foodservice data insights, franchises can better identify areas of opportunity to initiate profitable operations and grow brand awareness. The markets that hold the most promise for franchises include QSR and Fast-Casual, Food Trucks, and Markets such as entertainment venues, stadiums, airports, schools, and corporate dining.

1. QSR and Fast-Casual

Given the ease of commerce, these fast-paced industry offer a wealth of opportunity for franchisees. As people become more health conscious and are looking to customize and more quickly dine, these markets are bound to see an increase in demand.

2. Food Trucks

With the ever-gaining urbanization, food trucks have become a visible presence in many major cities and are becoming a go-to dining option. With various choices and different trends popping up, food trucks can bring in great traction from customers and add a dynamic presence to any restaurant.

3. Venues and Markets

Entertainment venues, stadiums, airports, schools, and corporate dining are all areas that are expected to see a boom in demand in 2023, and they are ready to be cashed in on. By understanding the needs of these markets, franchises can find openings that appeal to the crowds.

What Does the Future of Franchise Look Like?

The foodservice industry is set for major growth in 2023 and beyond. With the potential for more unique digital experiences, growth in various markets, and a shift towards health-conscious diets, the future of franchise looks incredibly promising.

Franchises that can recognize the potential of the industry are the ones who will be raking in the profits. With the aid of Brizo’s comprehensive insights and data fields specific to the foodservice exclusive industry, individuals and businesses can strategically expand their operations and position themselves for success in a world full of endless possibilities.