The Data-Driven Future of Restaurant Expansion

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Account Based Data Solutions For Restaurants

In the intensely competitive landscape of restaurant franchising, having the right market insights is imperative for any brand looking to expand its operations. Knowing which areas of the country have the most profitable opportunities is key to success. Brizo provides the data and analysis necessary to make informed decisions about where to best grow a franchise.

Using Brizo’s comprehensive suite of data and analytics, franchisors can build a comprehensive picture of the foodservice markets they’re eyeing for growth. This detailed view of the industry ensures that the franchisor can make informed decisions about which locations have the most potential for success.

Utilizing Brizo’s menu data and restaurant tech coverage is key to gaining the insights needed to optimize sales. Franchisors can look into which menu-items are currently popular, and which items are poising for success in a certain region. By having this understanding, a franchise can identify which areas of the US may be in line for a particular menu-item’s success. Sales executives armed with these data-points can predict exactly where to target prospecting efforts for maximum return.

Brizo understands that today’s modern consumer demands to be engaged and entertained, and therefore quality marketing is essential to capturing their attention and maintaining loyalty. Franchisors are able to strategize effective marketing campaigns with Brizo’s data-led industry insights. Through analyzing the market for competing restaurants, services and establishments customers may be more inclined to patronize and which trends demand their attention, franchisors can develop strategies to meaningfully engage with their audience.

Aside from perfecting a robust sales and marketing plan, a franchisor must also ensure that they can establish new locations with relative ease and efficiency. Brizo’s market intelligence helps alleviate the process of finding and expanding into new locations. A franchisor is able to pinpoint which areas demand not only a particular service, but also analyze what kind of service consumers are clamoring for. This helps reduce the amount of guesswork involved when selecting a location, leading to more strategic decisions and optimized operations.

Engaging customers and optimizing production are non-negotiables in today’s marketplace. With Brizo’s data, franchisors everywhere can get the data-driven insights and analytics necessary to make informed decisions and propel their brand into the future of success.