Supercharging Your Data-Driven Decisions with Restaurant Platforms

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Restaurant Account Based Analytics Platforms

With the rise of data providers, it is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive for restaurant suppliers and retailers to keep up with the trends, compete in the market and become successful. It is vital that food suppliers, retailers, and operators understand the foodservice market to identify the best route and take full advantage of the opportunities available. This guide provides insights on how restaurant analytics platforms, such as Brizo, empower food companies with data-driven decision making.

Foodservice businesses need a way to streamline corporate decision-making processes. It can be challenging to access real-time accurate information about the competitive landscape and identify potential new customers and partners. This is where restaurant account based analytics platforms come into play.

Restaurant analytics platforms like Brizo provide a wealth of data, from sales prospecting to menu data and restaurant technology to in-depth market analysis. Advanced platforms combine up-to-date data with machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide greater insights into restaurant analytics that help professionals or even food analysts make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Sales Prospecting

One of the most important features of restaurant analytics platforms is the ability to effectively prospect potential customers and partners. Instead of relying on online resources, businesses can now use restaurant analytics platforms to narrow down their options by searching for contacts and businesses based on industry, location, type of food, and a host of other criteria. Brizo, in particular, provides detailed prospecting insights with sales collaborators and similar business contacts in the same industry.

With the platform, businesses are also able to uncover competitive pressures and uncover the competitive threats or potential market threats in the private sector. This can help them develop strategies for countering these threats or identifying potential market opportunities. This provides a better understanding of the complexities of the foodservice market and better decision-making in terms of pricing policies, sales promotion, menu engineering, and more.

Marketing Intelligence

Marketing to the foodservice market can be an expensive process. Restaurant account based analytics platforms provide greater insights into the industry by providing more comprehensive market intelligence. This helps businesses effectively optimize their campaigns and target specific audiences with unique insights and strategies. The platform can also save businesses a substantial amount on marketing expenses by helping them identify potential customers and partners more accurately as well as create targeted ad campaigns.

Furthermore, restaurant analytics platforms enable businesses to keep up-to-date with food trends and with the latest developments in the foodservice market. As such, restaurants can gain greater insights on menu items, pricing strategies, customer trends, and much more.

Find Kitchens & Expand Operations

Algorithms and machine learning forms the core of most restaurant analytics platforms. These help businesses identify the best kitchen and restaurant locations for operations to streamline production and innovation. These platforms can help businesses identify prime locations, best practices, and other data-driven insights to help expand their business.

Data Enrichment

A major benefit for restaurants and businesses is the data enrichment component of a restaurant analytics platform. This enables businesses to reliably collect and analyze up-to-date data from multiple sources and formats. This helps businesses enrich their internal systems with accurate, relevant data to make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Restaurant analytics platforms, such as Brizo, provide businesses with unprecedented capability to enhance decision making, streamline processes and gain insights on the foodservice market that can help them for further success. From sales intelligence to competitive intelligence, they provide comprehensive market research to help businesses grow.