Getting Started on a Restaurant Account-Based Analytics Platform: A Guide

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Restaurant Account Based Analytics Platform

Operating in the foodservice market can be expensive and daunting for suppliers. Reaching and gaining new customers while out-maneuvering the competition accompanies a heavy load. However, using a restaurant account-based analytics platform, such as Brizo, doesn’t have to be as complicated. Here’s a guide on how to get started on a restaurant analytics platform to help your strategies soar.

Modern advancements in data and technology have unlocked the foodservice industry and opened the doors to providers and suppliers abound. Thanks to this new platform, many can now oversee many operations with more ease and efficiency than ever before. Now terms like ‘sales intelligence’, ‘competitive intelligence’, and ‘marketing intelligence’ are being thrown around, but what do they mean and how do they help?

Sales Intelligence

Sales intelligence refers to the insight and intelligence that is obtained from research that is data-driven. The goal is to acquire leads with remarkable speed. If a supplier is looking for restaurants to provide products to, then data-driven research is beneficial. Utilizing such information can help to narrow down the area in which to pursue leads, leaving time to structure marketing and sales tactics.

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence involves understanding foodservice market trends and gaining insight about the competition within them. With the right analytics platform, one can access the information that will uncover the competition’s weaknesses and strengths. This type of intelligence is invaluable in constructing an effective and lucrative marketing strategy for growth.

Marketing Intelligence

Marketing intelligence is a tactic into extracting data from analytics to optimize campaigns and marketing centers. With the right restaurant account-based analytics platform, like Brizo, one can target the right audiences and measure the success of campaigns with better accuracy.

Find Kitchens & Expand Operations

Streamlining production innovation and strategically expanding one’s brand are also possible with the right restaurant analytics platform. Find kitchens and expand operations by using data to make decisions, whether it be through menu personalization or customer segmentation; make sure the platform also has software best-suited for the foodservice industry.

Data Enrichment

Data is king. Data enrichment is the enhancing of one’s systems with more comprehensive market insights. Therefore, insights from these platform should be able to help a customer understand whether to proceed into a new market, develop an appropriate strategy to target the desired audience, or gain customer insights to carry out an effective marketing campaign. The platform should also be able to parse through complex datasets, such as customer actions and tastes, to detect common patterns.

The main takeaway

Overall, restaurant account-based analytics platforms allow for data-driven intelligence to reap many benefits. It is a tool to gather information and optimize performance with data that is reliable and of the highest quality. By applying the principles of sales intelligence, competitive intelligence, marketing intelligence, and data enrichment, one can overcome many challenges that involve the complex operations of the foodservice industry.