Salad Trends of 2021: Consumer Insights and What You Need to Know

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Salad Trends

Today’s food service industry is ever-changing due to the intersection of consumer demands, new technologies, and global trends. As the food service industry has grown, so too has the demand for innovative and healthy menus. We are now seeing a surge in salad-centric meals, with an influx of consumers seeking nutrient-rich, plant-based dishes.

As a data provider, understanding the trends driving the popularity of salads and other healthy food options is essential. To help you stay ahead of the curve, Brizo provides an in-depth look at the most popular salad trends of 2021. By examining consumer trends and market data, we provide a comprehensive overview of what is driving the salad revolution and what you need to know about the future of food service.

The popularity of salads has grown substantially in recent years, driven by an increased demand for healthier, eco-friendly menu options. A recent survey of consumers revealed that the biggest motivating factor for ordering salads was the desire for a healthier meal. The survey also revealed that consumers prefer salads due to their convenience, nutritious ingredients, and affordability.

In addition to the health benefits, salads are also popular due to their environmental benefits. According to the World Resources Institute, more than 75% of global emissions are generated by food production. By opting for salad-based meals instead of meat-based dishes, consumers can reduce their carbon footprint.

The popularity of salads has also been driven by the emergence of plant-based diets. Today, many people are following diets that include fewer animal products and more vegetables, legumes, and whole grains. Salads provide an easy and convenient way to enjoy a nutrient-filled meal, making them an appealing option for vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians.

Another trend driving the rise of salad-centric menus is the increasing popularity of fusion cuisine. Today, many consumers are seeking out unexpected and unique dining experiences, which can be found through fusion dishes. Salads can easily accommodate ingredients from different cultures, such as tabbouleh with quinoa, which delivers gorgeous colors and big flavors.

Technology is also playing a role in the growth of salads. More and more restaurants are leveraging technology, such as ordering and delivery apps, to make the ordering and delivery process easier for customers. As a result, customers can now access salads regardless of where they’re located and what time of day it is.

In 2021, we expect to see continued growth in the popularity of salads. Restaurants are striving to create innovative salad dishes, combining new flavors and ingredients with traditional favorites. We’ll also see a continued focus on offering fresh, local, and sustainable ingredients. Lastly, we predict that technology will continue to play an important role in making it easier for consumers to order salads.

As a restaurant technology provider, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends driving the food service industry. By leveraging all-in-one market insights from Brizo, you can gain an understanding of the salad trends of 2021 and make informed decisions for your business.