How Restaurant Technology Provides Unique Queries for Foodservice Insights

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Evaluating Restaurant Account Based Analytics Platforms

Most people in the industry know that data has become more important than ever as the world moves towards digital delivery channels and digitized operations. But fewer people consider the impact of restaurant technology on the foodservice market and how it can be used to provide “deeper” insights than traditional methods of market research can provide. By leveraging Brizo’s foodservice market analytics platform, operators, suppliers, and restaurateurs can access a unique set of data fields that are specific to the foodservice industry. This platform can be used to improve sales strategies, target customers better, and optimize production, among many other possibilities.

Sales Prospecting.

The first way that analytics platforms like Brizo can help restaurant technology providers is in sales prospecting. By incorporating real-time data on want and need, location demographics, and consumer tastes, sales teams can quickly identify promising leads and craft compelling pitches across the board. By having better market intelligence, the sales process can become more efficient and effective as teams can quickly research prospective customers, their positioning, offering, and competitive landscape before presenting their product or service.

Marketing to the Foodservice Market.

Brizo’s platform can also be used to develop more effective marketing campaigns for the foodservice market. By utilizing customer insights and data intelligence, restaurant technology companies can create refined target audiences and craft more persuasive messaging. As a result, leads will be more qualified and easily converted when they reach the sales team. At the same time, associations between customer needs and the provider’s offering can easily be identified across campaigns.

Find Kitchens & Expand Operations.

The ability to track customer trends and identify market segments in different locations makes effortless and faster expansion much more feasible. Brizo’s market intelligence platform allows restaurant technology providers to identify promising kitchen locations and proactively reach out to potential customers in order to increase market share. By combining data about customer tastes and preferences with zoning and market intelligence, providers can rapidly develop informed expansion strategies that yield the greatest return.

Data Enrichment.

One of the key advantages of Brizo’s platform compared to traditional market research is its ability to provide data enrichment. By having access to more detailed data about customer preferences and the market performance of different restaurant types, technology providers can make decisions with more confidence. The additional accuracy and insight can then be used to drive decisions such as identifying product-market fit and customer segmentation.

Restaurant technology providers can shape their strategies and operations in powerful ways by leveraging the insights provided by data platforms like Brizo. From sales prospecting to marketing campaigns, these platforms provide access to more accurate and detailed understandings of customer needs and the foodservice market that traditional research methods cannot. As such, technology providers can access actionable intelligence and make more informed decisions that maximize returns.