Restaurant Product Analytics – an Insider’s Guide

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Evaluating Restaurant Product Analytics Program

When it comes to evaluating a restaurant product analytics program there is more than meets the eye. Falling squarely at the intersection of technology, data, analytics, and marketing, restaurant product intelligence is much more nuanced, fluid and requires an extra level of attention and scrutiny. With Brizo, restaurants, suppliers, and other stakeholders in the foodservice industry can have a board and diverse set of data points to better comprehend and capitalize on the latest trends in the marketplace.

Built from the ground up, Brizo’s platform is uniquely designed to provide the extra insight necessary to stand out from the crowd. This platform is capable of collecting vast amounts of in-depth menu data from hundreds of restaurants, enabling anyone using it to research and target the foodservice market in unique ways that are impossible to do without this kind of intelligence. Knowing what menu items customers are buying on a regular basis, for instance, can unlock untapped marketing opportunities for suppliers, retailers, and restaurateurs.

Having a comprehensive understanding of the foodservice market is one thing, but being able to take action on this data in real time is another. With Brizo, restaurants can identify the various sales prospects that exist in their local area, as well as throughout their demographic. This intelligence helps them to understand their target audiences better and to find relevant kitchens where they can expand their operations.

Much of the core value of Brizo’s restaurant product analytics platform lies in its ability to quickly and accurately enrich customer’s data systems with real-time market intelligence. The platform can help customers make decisions with a greater degree of confidence and accuracy. This enables them to better optimize their marketing campaigns, increase their ROI and reach more customers in an efficient manner.

Overall, Brizo’s restaurant product analytics platform is a powerful tool that puts restaurant owners, suppliers, and other stakeholders in the foodservice industry in an unbeatable position to understand the fullness of the market. With unprecedented insight into menu trends, sales prospects, and market intelligence, customers can move the needle on their business and take their operations to a whole new level.