Restaurant Chains – an Analysis of Data Trends and Opportunities

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Growing Restaurant Chains

The restaurant industry in the United States is continuing to embrace technology to diversify its operations and drive sales growth. From restaurant technology providers to restaurant owners, both parties are capitalizing on data to understand customer preferences and make more informed decisions regarding location, menu items and other operational factors. Bridging the gap between next-level restaurant technology and data-driven analysis, Brizo provides a board and diverse set of data to provide deeper foodservice market understanding and research.

To begin, it’s important to first understand the foodservice market and the growth of Restaurant Chains. Over the past several years, the food service industry has seen an increase in the number of restaurants and chain establishments, particularly among the most popular dining options. According to the National Restaurant Association, chain restaurants in the U.S. comprise nearly 40% of the total foodservice market and sales are projected to reach nearly $700 billion in 2020. Moreover, with the increasing availability of online food ordering and delivery, restaurant chains are growing faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Brizo has the insights to uncover the most successful prospecting and marketing opportunities in the foodservice industry. From sales prospecting to marketing, restaurant owners are provided with innovative strategies and actionable analytics to better reach their target market. Brizo’s sales prospecting data includes in-depth menu data and restaurant tech coverage, allowing owners to gain detailed insights into customer preferences. Moreover, Brizo’s data-driven industry insights provide restaurant owners with the resources needed to attract, convert and close more leads, enabling them to take their marketing initiatives to the next level.

In addition to sales and marketing operations, restaurant owners are also using Brizo to streamline production innovation and strategically expand their brands, increasing their chances of success. Through data enrichment services, restaurant owners can enhance their systems with more comprehensive market insights. With detailed analytics of customer engagement, restaurant owners can make more confident decisions accordingly.

Large restaurant chains are leading the charge and setting the precedent for success within the foodservice industry. Their digital transformation has enabled them to grow cost efficiently, while staying agile to change. By utilizing Brizo, restaurant owners can gain a better understanding of the foodservice market and identify growth opportunities within their own industries. From embracing the latest technology to understanding the nuances within the marketplace, Brizo provides restaurant owners with the data they need to succeed.