Restaurant Account Based Analytics Platforms: Unlock Market Insights

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Evaluating Account Based Analytics Platforms For Restaurants

A business’s success depends heavily on the data they use to inform their decisions. In the foodservice industry, restaurant owners and operators must understand what trends are influencing the local customer base in order to maximize profitability. Analyzing market insights can provide an accurate picture that allows these foodservice owners to make sound decisions, but doing so can be difficult without data-driven insights and account based analytics platforms.

By leveraging Brizo’s database of in-depth market insights and menu data coverage, foodservice operators can unlock valuable intelligence that can then be applied to their operations. This data allows them to better understand the dynamics of their local markets to not only improve their current operations, but also to prospect more effectively for new opportunities. It is through the insights from account based analytics platforms, like Brizo, that restaurant owners can better assess the foodservice industry and gain the competitive advantage necessary to succeed.

Sales Prospecting

Leveraging account based analytics platforms enables restaurant owners to find new sales prospects based on local market data. With access to the latest market trends and comprehensive analysis, it is possible to determine new customers that likely have similar profiles or eating preferences to existing clients. With Brizo, restaurant owners can quickly access data like restaurant menus, local review ratings, and customer preferences to better understand the landscape and have more precise sales outreach. This type of insight also enables restaurant operators to identify potential areas of growth that can then be strategically targeted.

Marketing to the Foodservice Market

It’s not enough to simply have sales prospects; one must effectively attract, convert, and close more leads with data-led industry insights. Account based analytics platforms can provide restaurant owners with marketing campaigns that are tailored to their target audience’s current needs and preferences. For example, it’s possible to find marketing insights on what foods are trending in certain locations or what kinds of dishes are being ordered the most. Restaurant owners can also develop better customer loyalty campaigns based on market insights.

Find Kitchens and Expand Operations

A crucial part of any restaurant business is keeping up with new innovations and technologies. With market insights from account based analytics platforms, like Brizo, restaurant owners can quickly identify new restaurants, restaurants that have the same target customer base, and any local competitors that are using a newly developed product or service. This allows them to easily identify any gaps that exist in the market and strategically expand their brand to new locations.

Data Enrichment

Finally, restaurant owners can leverage account based analytics platforms to keep up with the latest market trends. With the insights gained from market reports, restaurant owners can ensure that their systems are up-to-date with the most comprehensive market data. This data can then be applied to various decisions and ensure that the restaurant is operating at peak efficiency.

Leveraging account based analytics platforms provides restaurant owners with powerful insights and analysis to better understand the needs, behaviors, and trends of their local markets. With Brizo’s comprehensive menu data and insights, restaurant owners have the necessary data-driven resources to quickly identify potential customers and opportunities, craft effective marketing campaigns, expand their operations, and make decisions with confidence.