Utilizing Food Industry Research to Unlock Local Food Trends for Expansion

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Evaluating Food Industry Research

When it comes to expansion, some franchisors overlook the vital role that food industry research plays in helping to unlock local food trends and better understand what is most likely to succeed within a given market. To bridge this gap, modern technology such as Brizo can be leveraged to equip the sales and marketing teams of franchisors with powerful data-driven insights and analytics to help form smarter, more informed expansion decisions.

Through utilizing this type of sophisticated technology, franchisors can make better-enlightened decisions which would lead to more successful expansion opportunities and higher ROIs. The resulting marketing and competitive strategy can prove invaluable in attracting, converting and closing leads as, without it, the potential of missing out on crucial available opportunities is too great.

Prospecting In The Food Service Market

Unlocking local food trends requires an in-depth analysis of the market and a comprehensive understanding of the local food industry. Without this understanding, franchise owners can be placed at a great disadvantage, left to merely guess which kind of food concepts and trends will resonate with local consumers.

By prospecting the food service industry, franchisors can benefit from a variety of data-driven insights and analytics. With this information, franchisors can understand the properties of a given market and gain access to local menu data to explore which particular dishes and items are most consistent in the market place. This can help to solidify decisions and ensure that the potential franchising opportunities are the ones most likely to succeed within a particular market.

Marketing To The Food Service Market

For a franchisor, marketing to the food service market is a key element of any expansion plans and can have a profound impact on an ROI. Having a data-led understanding of local trends and customer data can help to better map out customer profiles and further segment target audiences, which can ensure that resources are allocated more appropriately to get the most impact from any given marketing strategy.

Marketing will also be greatly enhanced by having an in-depth understanding of local menu trends and popular dishes. Having the ability to access this type of menu data can help franchisors to formulate more appropriate strategies that focus on providing customers with exactly what they are expecting from their local provider.

Finding Kitchens & Expanding Operations

When franchising is looking to expand, understanding the local food service industry is paramount. With the use of market research, franchisors can bring together a variety of data points to understand the details of local food industry, which in turn helps franchisees to make better informed decisions on a range of topics including everything from finding the right kitchen without which operations cannot run to where operational expansion is most likely to be fruitful and successful.

Having access to more comprehensive market insights allows franchise owners to make smarter decisions quickly and with confidence.

Data Enrichment

Ultimately, having access to market insights and analytics can help to enrich systems and make decisions with far greater bots of accuracy. What constitutes a good decision and a bad decision can be far more clearly defined and separated when relying on data-driven insights. Utilizing data-enriched information can make the difference between a successful expansion and a costly failure.