Powerful Foodservice Market Insights to Optimize Your Strategy

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Evaluating Restaurant Data

Imagine walking into a new restaurant and being able to quickly identify the customers’ income, average spending, eating trends, and customer loyalty by just one glance at the menu. It may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, but this data-driven research is becoming increasingly essential for restaurant technology providers in the food service business. With Brizo’s advanced market insights platform, food service providers can use powerful analytics to gain industry-leading insights into their customers, their competitors, and potential markets for expansion.

The foodservice market is expansive and it can be difficult to keep track of trends and analytics in each region. This is where market insights platforms, such as Brizo, make a difference. With its data-driven analysis, Brizo can provide powerful insights, helping businesses assess their markets with precision.

Sales Prospecting

To truly gain an edge in the industry, sales prospecting is essential. Primarily relying on existing customer base, is a short-term strategy that quickly leads to stagnation. Brizo provides an invaluable platform for sales prospecting, featuring in-depth customer data insights, including menu analysis, and market trends. This helps businesses understand where their target audience is, and which areas could potentially yield a much better performance. It even provides an estimated spending rate for each market, aiding the decision-making process.

Marketing Intelligence

To stay visible on a crowded playing field requires focus and unwavering marketing efforts. Brizo’s platform helps businesses in the foodservice industry estimate consumer behavior trends, enabling them to customize and fine tune their campaigns. Additionally, its AI-driven recommendations provide businesses with top-level insights and data-enriched marketing decisions, to ensure maximum return on every campaign.

Find & Expanding Kitchens

With so many restaurant businesses constantly opening and closing, the need for great kitchen design and efficiency is paramount. Brizo allows businesses to easily locate suitable locations to open new restaurants and study the competition they will face in each market. It also provides comprehensive menu data that can help optimize menus for each individual market, and a unique set of analytics to examine each new outlet’s revenue potential.


The foodservice industry is highly competitive and to survive in it one needs a competitive edge that requires data-driven insights and analytics. Brizo provides insights and analytics that are essential to successful foodservice businesses. With its in-depth menu data and restaurant tech coverage, marketers are able to attract, convert, and close more leads. Sales teams are better equipped to prospect in the foodservice market and operations are streamlined to expand production innovation. Finally, the data enrichment from Brizo provides more confidence during decision-making to help businesses maximize their reach into their target market.