Using Restaurant Account Based Data Platforms for Expanding Your Business with Foodservice Market Insights

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Evaluating Restaurant Account Based Data Platforms

With the ever-evolving foodservice industry, it is essential to capture up-to-date, actionable insights to support current and future business strategies. With restaurant account based data platforms, foodservice operations have the power to create and target custom market segments, understand customers’ preferences and purchase patterns, and identify the latest trends within the sector.

Introducing Brizo, the most comprehensive data platform for the foodservice industry. Our platform is the foundation to provide unparalleled insights, allowing you to win customers, grow your operations, and remain at the competitive edge.

Sales Prospecting in the Foodservice Market

Equipping your sales team with up-to-date information is paramount- and restaurant account based data platforms can be the driving force to help ensure you are reaching the right target market. Understanding local consumer demands and tastes, as well as the competition’s offerings, helps drive informed sales decisions.

For instance, with our platform, each report is matched to a unique account – data is stored, tracked and available in near real-time. We include specific data fields like menu items, current pricing and promotions, past orders and purchasing habits, a customer’s favored supply chain partners, and even sentiment scores. Our restaurant account based data provides a comprehensive understanding of market interests and customer preferences.

Marketing to the Foodservice Market

In addition, dining trends are ever-evolving due to cultural shifts, demographic preferences and technology advances. Reaching out to potential prospects and customers takes a proactive approach that drives results. Using restaurant account based data, you can easily identify customer’s preferred channels to ensure your message has maximum impact.

Combining this information with real-time analytics provides unbeatable insights into customer buying habits; knowing their preferred restaurants and menus can be used to create target campaigns with greater efficiency. You can also track customer’s feedback or sentiment scores to understand engagement levels, pricing thresholds, customer volume, and more.

Find Kitchens & Expanding Operations

Restaurants can pay a premium for the perfect kitchen setup- that’s why it’s paramount to use a tool such as restaurant account based data that can help decipher the proper location and format of a restaurant. This data can drive valuable insights in the following way:

1. Labour markets: Assessing the competition for both employees and customers

2. Niche locations: Pinpointing a restaurant’s gravitational assets

3. Proximity: Mapping access to public transportation, market demand and pricing

4. Restaurants: Overview of the competitive landscape

Having the ability to understand the factors that make up a great location can help restaurateurs expand their operations, increase revenue, and gain customer loyalty.

Data Enrichment

Third-party data is the base layer to any successful restaurant business. By using restaurant account based data, businesses are able to create a more in-depth look into the foodservice industry. From understanding customer preferences to improving market segmentation, our data platform helps you gain the insights to make fact-based decisions quickly.

And, with the right data in hand, systems can become enriched more quickly. With more comprehensive market insights, operations can build better models and make decisions with confidence.


Brizo is the ideal choice for data-driven decision making within the foodservice industry. With our platform, foodservice businesses can gather more intelligence in order to make informed decisions. From sales prospecting to market segmentation, access to comprehensive data has become critical in achieving success.