Pizza Industry Overview – A Comprehensive Look

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Pizza Industry Overview

As one of the most successful fast-casual restaurant chains, pizza industry is an integral part of the foodservice market. To properly understand this industry it’s important to have a comprehensive view of the key elements that make up the pizza industry. This article will provide an overview of the pizza industry on a national level, as well as delve into topics such as market trends, regional analysis, menu data, restaurant tech coverage, sales prospecting, competitive intelligence, and marketing intelligence.

The first step in gaining insights into the pizza industry is to conduct a national analysis. The current landscape indicates that the total revenues generated by the pizza industry in the United States stands at $38.5 billion for 2019, as provided by the National Restaurant Association. The industry is comprised of more than 88,000 restaurants, and is an essential part of the larger foodservice market in the US. With an annual growth rate of 2.3%, the restaurant industry has remained steady, while the pizza industry alone is projected to grow to $41 billion by the year 2023.

Moving further into the pizza industry, it’s necessary to approach topics from the restaurant technology perspective. This will include a focus on menu trends and data analysis. With an ever-increasing number of specialty pizzas hitting restaurant menus, the competition in the industry is predictably steep. Yet, the widely popular cheeseburger pizza and other creative variations remain the leading dishes in market. To gain insights on the menu, it’s important to conduct a regional analysis of which dishes have the biggest market share and how new concepts are impacting the market. It’s important to determine whether new concepts are having a sustainable, lasting impact or fading away.

Additionally, a tech-focused approach is key in analyzing the pizza industry. This includes taking a look at technology providers that offer solutions such as kitchen automation, supply chain optimization, hospitality management, and customer service. To gain insights in this area, it’s essential to research what technology is currently being used by restaurant operators and determine the impact of that technology on the industry.

A further look into the pizza industry can also include sales prospecting and marketing intelligence. Leveraging the resources of a comprehensive industry insights platform, such as Brizo, will help generate key insights for sales prospecting and assist in marketing campaigns that target the pizza industry. Additionally, with a deeper understanding of the competitive landscape in the pizza industry, supplier’s can look to expand operations, streamline production innovation, harness the power of data science, and make decisions with confidence.

A comprehensive look into the pizza industry provides key insights and knowledge on the state of the industry nationwide along with restaurant technology, sales prospecting, competitive intelligence, and marketing intelligence. With the wealth of resources available on data-driven platforms, such as Brizo, accessing up-to-date research and staying ahead of the industry trends is more accessible than ever.