Menutrends FAQ: Leveraging Data for Menu-Driven Market Insights

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In an ever-shifting foodservice market, making informed and accurate decisions can be challenging. Staying competitive and taking advantage of opportunities is key for restaurateurs, foodservice providers, and industry vendors alike. That’s why leveraging menu data and restaurant technologies for insights is valuable — it provides a deep understanding of the foodservice industry.

Menu Trends is a powerful analytics platform that delivers insights into the foodservice market and can educate stakeholders on the best decisions to make for their business. Here we unpack some of the frequently asked questions around Menu Trends and how it can support decision-making within the foodservice industry.

What is Menu Trends?

Menu Trends is a foodservice market analytics platform that empowers brands, restaurant owners, and vendors by providing menu and restaurant technology data and insights. Menu Trends helps stakeholders make informed decisions within their foodservice business and keep tabs on the competitive landscape.

Menu Trends provides a birds-eye view of the foodservice industry — accounting for thousands of restaurants and menus — then extracts actionable insights for the user. This includes detailed menu data, restaurant technology coverage, sales prospecting, and competitive intelligence.

How does Menu Trends work?

Menu Trends extracts insights from data sources that are collected from menus and restaurants across the Unites States. Menu Trends focuses on helping brands optimize leads and operations by providing an in-depth market perspective. The platform utilizes data science, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics to outline aggregate foodservice market insights.

The technologies used by Menu Trends include natural language processing, machine learning, data engineering, and more. This sophisticated use of technology helps Menu Trends paint a more accurate picture of the total foodservice market.

What can Menu Trends help you with?

Menu Trends is particularly helpful in four business areas: sales prospecting, competitive intelligence, marketing intelligence, and data enrichment.

• Sales prospecting: Menu Trends can assist you in giving your sales team data-driven insights and analytics to equip them for success.

• Competitive intelligence: Get a better understanding of foodservice market trends and find insights on your competitors.

• Marketing intelligence: Optimize your campaigns and target potential leads with powerful market insights.

• Data enrichment: Menu Trends uses deep market insight to give you additional data for your systems, making your decision-making process easier.

What is the scope of Menu Trends?

Menu Trends is typically used by foodservice businesses in the United States. The insights it provides are typically tailored to the foodservice market and restaurant technology, helping vendors make the best decisions for their operations. Menu Trends also takes into account current food trends and what customers are looking for, allowing vendors to better meet customer demands.

Who is the target audience for Menu Trends?

Menu Trends is most helpful for foodservice businesses including restaurant owners, foodservice providers, and industry vendors. People in these fields are typically dealing with sales prospecting, competitive analysis, marketing strategies, and more. Menu Trends offers a working knowledge of the foodservice market and provides a more detailed lens to make decisions in these areas.


For those looking to gain a detailed and accurate perspective on the foodservice market to make key decisions, Menu Trends is the ideal analytics platform. With its use of natural language processing, machine learning, and data engineering, data is refined to provide insights within seconds. Menu Trends can be used to gain an understanding of what’s trending in the industry, gain valuable information on competitors, optimize marketing campaigns, and help sales teams acquire leads with remarkable speed.