Menu Ideation: Frequently Asked Questions

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Menu Ideation

Menu ideation is the practice of creating new menus for restaurants and other foodservice providers. It is essential for restaurateurs and foodservice suppliers, as menu ideas can set a restaurant apart, increase customer satisfaction, and even improve the profitability of a business. But the process of menu ideation can be difficult and lead to common mistakes, such as inadequate pricing, inappropriate portion sizes, and lack of consideration for regional cuisine differences. To help guide you through the process of menu ideation, this article will answer some of the frequently asked questions.

What is Menu Ideation?

Menu ideation is the brainstorming, designing, and testing of creative ideas for restaurant menus. Menu ideas may include items such as entrees, appetizers, desserts, and drinks. When creating a restaurant menu, it is important to consider the customer’s needs, budget, and regional flavor preferences. Menu ideation must also take into account any potential price adjustments and any legal restrictions on ingredients or recipes.

Why is Menu Ideation Important?

Menu ideation is important because it helps create an effective and profitable menu for a restaurant or other foodservice provider. Effective menu ideation can lead to more satisfied customers, repeat customers, and increased profits. A well-crafted menu can also stand out in a crowded marketplace and become an integral part of a restaurant’s overall branding.

What Factors Should I Consider When Ideating a Menu?

When ideating a menu, consider the following factors:

• Location and regional cuisine preferences

• Ingredients and recipes

• Cost and budget

• Portion sizes

• Seasonal availability of ingredients

• Health and nutrition

• Dining room layout

• Customer feedback

These are some of the important factors to take into account when ideating a menu. Other factors may also apply depending on the type of foodservice provider and its geographical location.

How Do I Research Restaurants and Foodservice Providers?

Researching restaurants and foodservice providers can be a useful tool for menu ideation. You can research regional trends and see what customers are looking for in their restaurants. Social media can be a great way to research customer feedback, get insights into regional cuisine preferences, and stay up-to-date on popular trends. Brizo provides an extensive data set to help you better understand the foodservice market and develop customized menus for restaurants and other foodservice providers.

What Does Brizo Provide for Menu Ideation?

Brizo provides data-driven insights and analytics to equip your sales team for the foodservice market, attract and convert more leads, find kitchens, engage in competitive intelligence, and enrich your systems with comprehensive market insights.

Our insights include in-depth menu data, restaurant tech coverage, sales prospecting in the foodservice market, marketing to the foodservice market, finding kitchens and expanding operations, and data enrichment.

What are Common Mistakes When Ideating Menus?

Common mistakes made when ideating menus include inadequate pricing, inappropriate portion sizes, and lack of consideration for regional cuisine differences. Additionally, menus should be tailored to match the restaurant concept. For example, if your restaurant is geared towards quick, casual dining, your menu should have a larger selection of items that are fast and easy to prepare.

Another mistake to avoid when ideating menus is using too many ingredients. This can drive up costs and cause issues with preparation of dishes. Additionally, opting for exotic ingredients may be challenging for some restaurants and requires careful consideration.


Menu ideation can be a challenging and complex process. There are a number of factors to consider when creating the perfect menu for a foodservice business, such as location, ingredients, cost, portion sizes, regional preferences, health, and nutrition. Additionally, it is important to do research into regional trends and customer feedback. Brizo helps you to access data-driven insights and analytics to make informed decisions about menu concepts and assist in ideating menus. Finally, make sure to watch out for due diligence, as certain mistakes in the menu ideation process can be costly and time-consuming.