Introducing Brizo: Restaurant Account Based Analytics for in-Depth Market Insight

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Restaurant Account Based Analytics Service

More and more, the foodservice industry is becoming ever more complex and data-driven. With restaurants leveraging technology to access new customers, drive more sales and keep their competitors at bay, knowing where and how to find the latest trends and insights can be a challenge. That’s where Brizo comes in.

The Brizo restaurant account based analytics service provides an extensive and diverse set of data to empower in-depth market understanding and analysis. Our data allows for highly targeted research and the prospecting of foodservice markets with unique data fields which are customised to provide industry-specific insight.

Brizo’s insights include an extensive menu data and restaurant tech coverage, to highlight the latest trends from a range of perspectives. As such, Brizo offers comprehensive analytics which can be used across an organisation and can make an impact from the position of the C-suite all the way down the line. In simple terms, Brizo helps to convert valuable foodservice data into actionable insights for better decision-making, greater revenues, and the positioning of a business as the industry leader.

Sales Prospecting in the Foodservice Market

For sales teams looking for targeted leads in the foodservice market, Brizo offers incredibly valuable insights. The ability to identify high-value potential customers more quickly, along with the detailed understanding of trends which can help to inform sales tactics, can revolutionise the sales process. With the foodservice market remaining competitive, having data at your side is invaluable.

Brizo’s insights allow sales teams and other departments to strengthen sales processes and make sure that the sales force is efficiently allocating their time in the most effective way possible. What’s more, Brizo allows sales teams to gain a better understanding of the market they’re looking to target, understand competing dynamics and shift resources accordingly.

Marketing to the Foodservice Market

The foodservice industry is a challenging space in which to market, so businesses require data-driven insights in order to attract and convert leads. With Brizo, businesses can understand the latest trends in the space, the tactics which other businesses are using to great success, and then tailor those tactics for success within their own organisation.

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Using data-driven insights to understand the foodservice market provides businesses with the tools necessary to create strategies which can make a real difference. From big-picture questions such as what segment is doing best right now, to more granular questions such as what approach is likely to work for an individual restaurant, it all comes down to the data.

Find Kitchens and Grow Your Operation

Kitchens and foodservice operators need to be aware of the competitive landscape in order to successfully manage production and develop strategic plans for expansion. Accessing relevant and timely data can drastically reduce the amount of time spent on research and allow restaurateurs to make informed decisions based on intelligence.

Brizo is specifically designed to empower users with reliable, up to date analysis of the restaurant industry, helping owners, managers and corporate strategists develop the bite-sized insights they need to streamline their operations and innovate quicker. As such, Brizo provides the tools needed to expand an organisation’s brand via strategic growth plans, allowing operators to stay one step ahead of their competition.

Data Enrichment

For restaurant operators and suppliers already enjoying success with existing data sources, Brizo makes it possible to enrich said data with more comprehensive insights. For instance, the platform offers an analysis of menu trends across different regions. This means that launchers may use data to analyse which items are most popular and profitable, while investors may use the data to inform what type of restaurant to invest in, whether they test the waters in a new area and so on.

Ultimately, our tools give users the confidence to make decisions backed up by data-driven intelligence and, as such, maximise every opportunity available to them.

Brizo is an incredibly powerful restaurant account based analytics service which provides an in-depth view of the foodservice market via a diverse selection of data sources. By understanding the complexities of the foodservice market across different regions and sectors, businesses are enabled to create strategies tailored for success. Brizo is the ideal choice for restaurant operators, suppliers and investors looking to make the most of their opportunities in the foodservice market.