In-Depth Look at Top 100 Independent Restaurants

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Top 100 Independent Restaurants

The foodservice industry is rapidly evolving, with innovations ranging from drone delivery to voice ordering systems. Technology is no longer an optional accessory for restaurants, but an essential component to success in today’s highly competitive market. Keeping ahead of trends and staying on top of leading technology solutions is a challenge for restaurant owners and technology providers alike.

Fortunately, there are ways to gauge the relative success of independent restaurants and the technologies they employ. Brizo, the leading provider of foodservice market intelligence, provides insight into the top 100 independent restaurants across the US. Our data provides an in-depth look at the menu data, market trends, and tech preferences of these large-scale restaurants.

Independent restaurants are a critical component of a restaurant’s success. According to the US Census, independent restaurants make up over 70 percent of restaurant establishments, with an annual revenue totaling over $820 billion. Additionally, the independent restaurant segment out-performed quick-service, casual-dining, and fine-dining restaurants in 2019.

The top 100 independent restaurants in the US share a number of similarities, from pricing strategy to experiential expectations. Our market data and artificial intelligence platform provide an unparalleled view into the state of the independent restaurants industry.

For independent restaurateurs and technology providers alike, understanding the data behind these restaurants is pivotal. Our data offers a comprehensive breakdown of menu items, pricing, and dining experience requirements so companies can best position their tech solutions to meet the needs of today’s restaurant operators.

With this data, restaurant technology providers can better optimize pricing and promotional models to better position and promote their solutions to independent restaurants. This data helps understand the complete picture of the independent restaurant industry, from the food and beverage items that customers are ordering, to the decision makers responsible for the equipment and technology investments.

Data-driven insights allow suppliers to tailor their messaging to the needs of independent restaurants and secure more business. This data enables industry-leading suppliers to optimize their sales strategies and become the go-to solutions provider for independent restaurant operators.

By breaking down the menu and dining experience norms of the top 100 independent restaurants in the US, Brizo helps suppliers stand out from the competition. Leveraging critical data and data-driven insights allow restaurant suppliers to generate higher ROI on all customer relationship management activities and dramatically shorten the sales cycles.

With Brizo, suppliers have access to the most comprehensive data about the top 100 independent restaurants in the US. This data is used to create the perfect strategy and methodologies to gain leads and win more business. Toilets, inventory, and kitchen layout data are all available to help technology providers in the foodservice market. Beyond that, insights on menu items, pricing, and emerging industry trends help to inform a proactive, data-driven approach to sales and marketing in the industry.

This in-depth look at the top 100 independent restaurants in the US allows restaurant suppliers to position their solutions to meet the needs of this large and high-demand market. Tapping into this data helps suppliers identify opportunities, stay ahead of industry trends, and optimize their sales and marketing strategies to generate more business.