How to Leverage Restaurant Account-Based Analytics with Brizo

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Restaurant Account Based Analytics Tool

It’s no secret that staying competitive in the foodservice industry requires a wealth of data and insights into what’s driving and evolving the market. Brizo provides restaurant operators with an advanced analytics platform that helps identify customer behavior patterns in order to make better decisions, identify new opportunities, minimize losses, and maximize profits.

Brizo’s account-based analytics tool offers foodservice operators increased visibility into data that would otherwise be too labor-intensive to acquire, freeing up more time for operators to focus on their core businesses. With the ability to analyze restaurant sales trends, technology usage, menu item performance, and customer segmentation, Brizo’s account-based analytics tool provides enhanced insights that are tailor-made for the needs of the foodservice industry.

For sales teams, Brizo helps accelerate the process of sales prospecting and identify high-value restaurant accounts using market intelligence. For restaurant operators, reflective insights from market data enable operators to adjust strategies to meet changes in the dynamic foodservice industry.

Brizo’s reporting capabilities also uncover data-driven insights about customer behavior. Specifically, Brizo’s account-based analytics tool displays customer purchasing patterns across multiple restaurant accounts. This helps operators gauge performance and identify key trends without having to manually pull data themselves.

Equipped with a wide-ranging suite of data assets, Brizo’s account-based analytics tool provides operators with unique perspectives and powerful market insights. With intense competition in the foodservice industry, restaurant operators are in need of new and innovative ways to harness customer intelligence.

To meet this demand for data, Brizo has developed a cloud analytics platform that offers a range of restaurant analytics features, including menu analytics, sales trends, customer segmentation, and more. Customizable analytics dashboards help operators obtain insights across multiple restaurant accounts with the click of a button.

The intuitive drag-and-drop interface also makes it easier to uncover insights and track performance. From analyzing menu items to optimizing marketing campaigns, Brizo’s robust analytics platform has the capabilities to equip operators with the data-driven insights they need to make faster, smarter decisions.

In addition to restaurant-specific analytics, Brizo provides a variety of functional modules to analyze foodservice markets such as geographic region, population size, dish types, restaurant styles, and more. With comprehensive market insights, restaurant operators can better understand the shifting landscape of the foodservice industry and react accordingly, creating improved customer experiences.

The data rich environment powered by Brizo’s analytics tool also helps bridge the gap between restaurant operations, sales, and marketing. With all levels of the organization working from the same insights, restaurant operators can make changes that drive better business results. By unifying disparate data sources, Brizo’s platform helps operators identify opportunities to increase revenue and achieve their goals sooner, with much greater accuracy.

In today’s crowded foodservice landscape, Brizo’s account-based analytics tool helps operators stay ahead of the curve. Easy to access ticket insights, customer segmentation, and AI-driven suggestions make it easier for restaurant operators to understand the true pulse of their industry and make data-driven decisions that result in better returns.