How to Get Started on C-Store Store Trends During the Covid Era

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C-Store Store Trends Covid

2020’s unprecedented global events have brought with it an equally unprecedented number of changes in daily life, including the way people shop and eat. The restaurant industry was one of the hardest hit as lock-downs restricted in-person dining, leading to an entire shift in the way businesses operate. When it comes to c-stores, entrepreneurs and existing business owners have had to adjust to changing market conditions and navigate new ways to stay up-to-date on trends to secure their spot in the industry.

For those seeking to break into the c-store market or maintain their place, the importance of staying ahead of trends is essential. Fortunately, modern technology and trends and insights solutions offer incredible support and access to critical information. Modern trends and insights solutions provide market researchers, store operators, and franchise owners the data they need to make crucial business decisions during this period of fluctuating economic instability.

The COVID-19 pandemic has entirely reshaped the ways people interact, socialize, and still seek out convenience stores and quick meals. For franchise owners in the c-store industry, staying current with U.S. food trends is essential for success. To get started harnessing up-to-date intelligence at an affordable price, the following steps are essential.

Step One: Find the Right Resources

Finding the right resources and solutions is the first step towards getting up-to-date information on the c-store industry. Taking advantage of apps like Brizo, franchise owners can gain access to a wide range of data specific to the foodservice industry. Different from larger business intelligence tools, Brizo-solution allow for targeted research that can be specifically catered to the unique needs of the c-store franchise business.

Brizo solutions offer insights into in-depth menu data, restaurant tech coverage, sales prospecting and much more. This data provides operators of c-stores with the ability to gain insights into customer preferences in their local markets and make predictions based on their specific franchise structure.

Step Two: Enhance Systems with Data

Once operators have gained access to the data offered by trends and insights solutions, the next step is to streamline systems so that this data can be used most effectively. By investing in tracking and data enrichment solutions, operators can ensure that the insights they’re gaining from trend tracking are actionable.

For example, data enrichment makes it easier to segment store types and different customer base. By leveraging data fields, such as, customer demographics, offerings and region, operators can ensure they’re targeting their core demographic accurately. Data enrichment also makes it much easier to track store performance and identify any opportunities for improvement or growth.

Step Three: Equip the Sales Team

Equipping a sales team requires more than just a product offerings and good customer service. In the foodservice industry today, it’s essential to provide the team with access to data-driven insights and analytics. Companies like Brizo provide franchisors the ability to gain a comprehensive understanding of their target markets.

With this data, sales teams can now track and identify potential leads and prospects. They can also use the data to discover new markets or even understand customer preferences down to a unique dining occasion. By leveraging this type of technology, the sales team can enhance their contact strategy and create much more effective marketing campaigns.

Step Four: Market to the Foodservice Market

Finally, harnessing the data available from trends and insights solutions will allow c-store operators to set up effective campaigns and marketing strategies. By understanding local customer preferences, operators can leverage the data to create a much more targeted approach to closing leads.

For example, trend insight solutions help operators tailor marketing campaigns to local tastes or preferences. Additionally, the data also helps operators track customer feedback from social media channels and online sales interfaces. This gives c-store operators a better understanding of audience engagement and eventually helps them track the effectiveness of their campaigns.


Navigating the foodservice market during the COVID-19 crisis requires a whole new level of awareness and business savvy. To be successful, operators must remain up-to-date on changing trends and utilize the technology-driven solutions to harness data-driven insights. By following the above steps, c-store operators can use trends and insights solutions to attract, convert, and close more leads while enhancing systems with more comprehensive market data.