How to Get Started on Convenient Store News for Franchisors

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Convenient Store News

If you’re a franchisor looking to expand locations and trying to understand local food trends, convenient store news can be a valuable tool. Convenience store news (CSN) provides comprehensive coverage of the convenience store industry, including relevant information on the latest trends and developments in foodservice and retail. With CSN, franchisors can quickly get up to speed on the competitive landscape and gain a better understanding of the local market. This article outlines the steps for getting started with CSN, including understanding the data available, sales prospecting, marketing, and data enrichment.

Understanding the Data Available

The first step in getting started with CSN is understanding the data that is available. Brizo provides a comprehensive data set for foodservice market understanding and analysis. This data includes in-depth menu data and restaurant tech coverage. It also includes data specific to the food service industry, enabling franchisors to drill down into detailed insights about their target market. With this data, franchisors can quickly assess the potential for their store in a given area, as well as identify what other convenience stores in the area are doing well and what strategies are working best.

Sales Prospecting

Another useful way to utilize CSN is for sales prospecting. By having access to the data available through CSN, franchisors can quickly find potential customers in their target market and begin marketing to them. With this, franchisors can find local stores that may be good candidates for expansion, as well as identify stores that may be lagging in sales and opportunities to increase sales for those locations. By having access to the data available through CSN, franchisors can make informed decisions regarding which locations to enter and what strategies to employ to maximize profits.


Once franchisors have identified the data that is available through CSN, they can use the insight to inform their own marketing strategy. By understanding the competitive landscape and the key trends in the area, franchisors can create marketing strategies that are tailored to the area they are targeting. Additionally, understanding the foodservice market allows franchisors to craft messages that resonate with their potential customers. By having access to detailed insights regarding the foodservice market, franchisors can create marketing campaigns that truly stand out and attract interested consumers.

Data Enrichment

Finally, franchisors can use CSN data to enrich their own systems and databases. By having access to the detailed insights available through CSN, franchisors can enhance their own internal research and analysis. Additionally, this detailed data can be used to inform decisions with confidence when expanding operations, streamlining innovation, and strategically expanding their brands. By further understanding the foodservice market through CSN, franchisors can make informed decisions that not only protect them from potential losses but may also help to increase their profits in the long run.