How to Get Started on Cheese Trends

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Cheese Trend

Cheese has been a favorite indulgence in the United States for centuries, and taste preferences and availability have changed over time. As one of the leading ingredients in food and beverage distribution, cheesemongers, chefs, and foodservice professionals need to stay ahead of the curve on the latest cheese trends, production methods, flavor profiles, and safety protocols. Whether you are a distributor looking to expand into new markets or just starting out in the cheese trade, this article will provide an in-depth look into understanding cheese trends and getting started in the cheese business.

The first step in getting started on cheese trends is understanding who your customers are and what they need. This involves research to understand the flavor profiles, trends, and availability that may appeal to them. Start by researching what cheeses are popular in the local area you are targeting – certain flavors and styles may be more favored in certain parts of the country than others. You can also research what cheeses are trending in the broader global market – trends in the United Kingdom, Europe, or Latin America may start to pop up in the United States if you pay attention. Once you have a better idea of what your customers are looking for, you can begin to narrow down what types of cheese you can offer.

The next step in staying up-to-date on the latest cheese trends is to research the production methods and safety protocols used by cheese makers. The Cheese Technology Information Center (CTIC) is a great place to start. This center is an online hub of information about cheese production, safety protocols, new technologies, and current research. Here, you can find information on the most up-to-date production techniques, safety protocols, and trends. You can also look into the environmental impacts of cheese production and find out how you can make sure that the cheese you offer meets global food safety standards.

Another way to stay ahead of the cheese curve is to attend or peruse online industry events and conferences. For example, the American Cheese Society hosts an annual conference and offers virtual workshops for distributors and producers. Participating in industry events not only helps keep you up-to-date on the trends, but gives you the opportunity to network with producers, importers, and distributors.

The final step in staying up to date with the latest cheese trends is to keep an eye on the news. Cheesemongers, distributors, producers, and food service professionals need to stay abreast of industry news and regulations. Subscribe to industry newsletters and magazines, follow industry organizations and cheese associations on social media, and use software such as Brizo to stay up to date with new ingredients and technologies. By staying informed, you can become an expert in sourcing, selling, and creating cheese products that will appeal to consumers.

From understanding who your customers are, to researching production methods and safety protocols, to attending industry events, to following the news, there are several steps you can take to stay ahead of the cheese curve. With a little bit of research and industry savvy, you can become a cheese trendsetter in no time.