How to Get Started on 2023 Dessert Trends

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2023 Dessert Trends

With the new year comes an influx of new dessert trends for foodservice providers. From creative new flavors to bold new presentation, diners are always looking for the latest and greatest in the pastry world. Foodservice providers need to have an eye for innovation in order to stay ahead of the curve. What are some of the most important trends for 2021? And how can restaurant technology providers use data to jumpstart their innovation goals this year?

From the rise of plant-based puddings to sugar-free donuts, innovation is key when it comes to dessert trends in the foodservice market. This trend carries through into 2023, with a focus on creative, unique flavors that will delight customers. But when it comes to following the latest trends in the foodservice industry, your research starts by delving into the data. Restaurant technology providers are in an unique position to gain insights into the global foodservice market, understanding regional shifts in diets and current trends across sectors–all of the data needed to succeed in 2023.

Data-Driven Insights into the Foodservice Market

Using data to understand the intersection of diet and trend in the foodservice market is now essential. By analyzing existing trends, restaurant operators can stay ahead of the curve and understand what flavors, presentations, and ingredients are most popular around the world. Of course, it’s also important to pay attention to current trends. It isn’t enough just to know what’s popular now–it’s crucial to anticipate future trends as well.

Data-driven insights allow restaurant technology providers to build innovative, unique menus that stand out. Whether it’s a particular flavor profile or a creative presentation, using data-driven analytics to build any menu can help restaurants maximize the competitive advantage. By analyzing publicly available information on desserts, menus, ingredients, prices, ratings, and diversity of preferences, providers can identify regional and global trends that are most likely to resonate with diners.

Develop Chef-Specific Insights

To really understand the dessert trends of 2023, it’s important to also consider the perspectives of the chefs creating the desserts. Forrest Whitaker, Chef and creator of the McDonold’s Ice Cream Sundaes franchise, advocates for active engagement with chefs, including understanding their views on trends. He explains:”I always make sure to ask my chefs for their opinion on the different trends and ingredients to make sure we are looking at everything from all angles.”

Data plays an important role in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the latest trends in desserts. With the use of Brizo, a comprehensive board and data platform for restaurants, chefs and restaurants operators have deeper insights into how customers respond to various menu changes as well as what trends in the foodservice market are most noteworthy. Brizo also provides sales prospecting tools, which lets restaurant technology providers focus in on the right target audience with their offerings.

Expanding Your Reach

Using the data you collect, restaurant technology providers can also identify new food trends that are currently off-radar. By studying changing consumer behaviors and other factors such as seasonality and market availability, restaurant technology providers can look beyond current insights to innovate on their desserts. For example, if you’ve noticed an uptick in plant-based desserts being served in a particular region, technology providers can consider researching the growth prospects of vegan desserts in that region and how they might be breaking into the mainstream.

Enhance Your Systems with Comprehensive Market Insights

Technology providers also need to be able to enhance their systems in order to make decisions with confidence. By further enriching their systems, providers are able to access an even deeper level of data than ever before. With Brizo, comprehensive region-level and global data is right at your fingertips, so you can easily measure potential success in the foodservice market.

Find Kitchens & Expand Operations

Finally, restaurant technology providers need to look for new kitchens and ways to expand their operations. With Brizo’s data-driven market intelligence, you can quickly streamline production innovation and expand your brand. Brizo’s data can help you identify potential new locations for expansion, find and engage with the right suppliers and brands in the area, and more.

The main takeaway

Modern restaurant technology providers are faced with a unique challenge of staying ahead of consumer trends and leveraging data-driven insights to shape their menus and operations. By using comprehensive industry data, such as that provided by Brizo, providers are able to gain deep insights into existing trends, build personalised menus, enhance their systems with more comprehensive market insights, and strategically expand their brand with intelligent restaurant market intelligence.