How to Evaluate the Pros & Cons of Restaurant Analytics Companies

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Restaurant Analytics Companies

When it comes to investing in data-driven insights for the foodservice market, the potential benefits are clear: equip your sales team, optimize your campaigns, expand operations, and make decisions with confidence.

But with the wide array of restaurant analytics companies out there, how do you evaluate the pros and cons of each one? In this article, we’ll discuss the various ways to compare and contrast the features, capabilities, and benefits of different restaurant analytics platforms.

Before evaluating a restaurant analytics platform, it’s important to consider your specific requirements, objectives, and the type of data you need. What insights are you looking for? Do you need sales prospects, market intelligence, customer insights, or detailed menu analysis? For example, if you’re looking to better understand the foodservice competitive landscape, you’d likely be interested in a platform that offers competitor intelligence.

Once you identify your objectives, you’ll be able to compare restaurant analytics platforms more effectively. Here are a few criteria to keep in mind:

Data accuracy and coverage: Look for platforms that offer comprehensive coverage of the North American foodservice market. Keep an eye out for those with US-specific insights, such as region-specific industry and competitive insights. s of comprehensive coverage include menu data, insights on restaurant technology solutions, and coverage on current market trends.

Data insights: Some data points just matter more than others, and when evaluating restaurant analytics platforms, it’s important to make sure that the insights provided are comprehensive enough to help you make sound decisions.

Sales and marketing capabilities: Look for a platform that offers complete sales and marketing support – one that can help you find new leads, identify marketing opportunities, and optimize campaigns.

Pricing: Cost is always an essential factor in making decisions, so it’s best to compare prices on various data analytics providers. Make sure, however, that cost isn’t your only measure of competitiveness; also keep in mind the other quality factors listed here.

Customer service: Finally, consider the quality of customer service provided by each provider. Are inquiries responded to quickly and efficiently? Is there a dedicated support team to help answer questions?

At Brizo, we provide comprehensive data insights on the North American foodservice market and an expansive set of data-driven capabilities, including sales and marketing intelligence, prospecting and competitive insight, and data enrichment tools. Our powerful and innovative platform not only helps customers make informed decisions but also allows them to attract, convert and close more leads.

Whether you’re a restaurant owner or a manufacturer looking to expand your operations, our data insights platform will help to streamline your decision-making process, provide more comprehensive market coverage, and offer unique insights on your competitors.

For more information, contact us today – we look forward to helping you discover the power of restaurant analytics.