Harnessing Data Science to Power the Foodservice Market’s Growth

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Restaurant Account Based Data Program

The restaurant industry has gone through a rapid evolution in recent years, not least of all thanks to the emergence of digital technologies and data science-driven insights. According to a study by the National Restaurant Association, the U.S. restaurant industry generated over $863 billion in sales in 2019, reflecting an increase of 4.3 percent compared to the year before. This solid performance is being propelled by data science and technology, as restaurants aim to not only optimize their operations, but also drive growth through new opportunities.

Fortunately, foodservice market providers are now able to tap into this growing trend and leverage data science insights to support their operations. Enter Brizo, a restaurant-specific data platform that allows for highly targeted research and prospecting of the foodservice market with unique data fields specific to the industry. From sales intelligence to marketing insights, Brizo helps restaurants capitalize on operating data to better understand their customers, optimize their operations, identify new opportunities, and bolster their bottom line.

Sales Prospecting in the Foodservice Market

Sales teams often rely on intuition and experience when prospecting for new customers, but leveraging data science enables a much deeper, more accurate picture of the foodservice market. Through deeper industry insights and targeted research, restaurants can identify opportunities to improve customer acquisition and uncover untapped revenue streams. Brizo provides comprehensive menu data, restaurant operations data and consumer data; all of which can be used to gain a full view of the marketplace.

The data also streamlines the process of targeting the right demographic or location for a specific product or service. By enriching your CRM with data-driven insights and analytics, sales teams can increase their success rate and confidently acquire new customers.

Marketing to the Foodservice Market

It is no secret that feedback from customers is invaluable for any business, and restaurants can use data from Brizo to develop more effective marketing campaigns, boosting lead generation and customer conversion.

From running targeted emails and social media campaigns to studying trends in the foodservice market, Brizo provides comprehensive insights to amplify marketing efforts. This helps restaurants find better-qualified leads and leads to more successful conversions.

Find Kitchens & Expand Operations

Data science has a range of applications for restaurant operations. With insights from Brizo, restaurants can track and monitor production trends, find better spots for setting up new kitchens, and identify new markets for expansion. Restaurants can gain a full view of the industry and uncover technology options, kitchen legislation, and other factors that may affect their bottom line.

In addition, Brizo can even help restaurants go back to the drawing board and review design options for existing operations. This helps restaurants identify potential opportunities to save costs and maximize output. This is particularly useful for restaurants that want to remain competitive while maintaining efficiency.

Data Enrichment

Data enrichment is a powerful tool that helps organizations make better decisions for their operations. Brizo’s insights allow restaurants to enrich their understanding of the market, enabling more accurate decision making. Additionally, data science and data enrichment can help restaurants to better understand customer behavior, identify trends, learn more about their competition, and optimize their supply chain.

By leveraging the insights from Brizo, restaurants can gain a better understanding of their customers’ needs and demands, as well as identify distribution or packaging solutions to better reach their target market. This will help restaurants better understand how to customize their offerings to the individual needs of their customers and set them apart from their competition.

Closing considerations

The foodservice market is constantly evolving, and restaurant operations face new challenges every day. Fortunately, data-driven insights from Brizo can provide a huge competitive advantage for restaurateurs. From sales intelligence to marketing insights and data enrichment, restaurants can leverage the power of data science to optimize their operations, discover new opportunities and drive growth in their business.