Harness the Power of Foodservice Market Insights with Brizo

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Product Analytics Program For Restaurants

The foodservice business is highly competitive and getting more complex with the continually evolving restaurant technologies needed to succeed. Suppliers of restaurant technologies and services need to ensure they make informed decisions when investing in foodservice market analytics. Brizo, an analytics platform, provides the tools and insights that help define the success of businesses in the food service industry.

Brizo’s foodservice market analytics platform offers powerful insights through a comprehensive set of data and analysis fields. It allows users to dig deep into menus, tech coverage, sales, prospective marketing, branding, and research. All of these insights require data, and Brizo furnishes that with unique, in-depth information specific to the food service industry.

The industry insights platform provides accurate and large data sets essential for making well-informed decisions. Sales teams use Brizo’s data-driven insights and analytics to gain a better understanding of prospects and to effectively close leads. Brizo’s data-led industry insights also make it easier to target prospective customers and to increase brand traction.

Brizo’s data-rich insights and analytics platform provide users with detailed and up-to-date evidence-based market research, making it a favorite among restaurants. This evidence-based market research helps restaurants to better understand their target markets, identify their various customer segments, create efficient production efforts, explore new product opportunities, and more.

Brizo’s market insights and analytics aren’t just restricted to restaurants, however. Foodservice manufacturers can also benefit from the platform’s metrics. The data points allow users to understand trends within different regions and within specific markets. Data enrichment also helps users better understand trends and make decisions with assurance.

Overall, the powerful insights and analytics of Brizo’s foodservice platform make it a valuable asset to restaurants, manufacturers, and suppliers alike. By harnessing the power of data science, artificial intelligence and big data analytics, the Brizo platform provides the tools necessary to help users Compass results and realize success within this highly competitive and ever-changing industry.