Harness Data to Power Restaurant Technology

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Product Analytics Program For Restaurants

In today’s increasingly competitive market, data providers are facing the challenge of utilizing data to gain insights and provide a competitive edge. The landscape of food analytics is dynamic and complex and requires skill sets that are attuned to the most current movements in data analysis. Brizo, an industry leader in foodservice market analytics, provides detailed and in-depth data to help restaurants and food service leaders make informed decisions.

Beyond typical customer and menu analytics, Brizo’s data allows for highly targeted research and prospecting of the foodservice market with unique data fields that are specific to the foodservice industry. With their insights, restaurant technology providers can assess and evaluate data points such as trends in foodservice offerings and pricing, customer satisfaction rates, food safety regulations, and more to harness new opportunities, optimize processes, and ultimately drive a successful profit margin.

Sales Prospecting in the Foodservice Market

Equipping your sales team with data-driven insights is essential for businesses to identify and engage with prospective leads within the competitive foodservice market. Analyzing raw customer data and specific industry trends can help narrow the focus of sales representatives to uncover leads and better inform their break into a new space in the foodservice market. With Brizo’s sales intelligence, a data-driven approach to uncovering previously untapped market opportunities is enabled.

The array of data points that Brizo’s data enables access to can make the process of uncovering new leads seamless. Data elements proven to be effective in making an impact for foodservice sales teams include consumer purchasing behavior, market saturation analysis, seasonal data reports, and pricing intelligence. In addition to this, restaurant technology providers have access to customizable dashboards that allow for quick and easy tracking of relevant data.

Marketing to the Foodservice Market

Attract, convert, and close more leads while avoiding the pitfalls of traditional marketing techniques with data-led insights into the foodservice industry. Innovative strategies can be applied to any marketing campaign with the data provided by Brizo’s marketing intelligence.

Advanced segmentation analysis, customer segmentation, and on-demand insights into specific segments of the foodservice market are just some of the detailed data sets provided by the platform. With this data, restaurant technology providers can understand, anticipate and direct the trends in future marketing campaigns and grow their customer basea scale.

Find Kitchens & Expand Operations

Streamline production innovation and strategically expand your brand with foodservice market intelligence. Brizo’s data enrichment allows restaurant technology providers to access unparalleled market insights which can enable rapid growth, specifically when seeking out kitchens for expansion operations.

Detailed consumer insights, operations and infrastructure data, and food and nutrition information are just some of the data elements that are offered by Brizo’s data platform. With the data, restaurant technology providers can make educated decisions when launching ,or expanding to, new locations and ensure a swift ROI.

Harnessing data is a prime opportunity for restaurant technology providers to act on their competitive edge and future-proof their business. With Brizo’s in-depth data sets, businesses can access data-driven insights such that empowering their approach to the foodservice market.