Harness Data Science, AI & Big Data for Restaurant Market Insights

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With the competition for sales in the restaurant industry exponentially increasing, it is ever more essential for suppliers to employ the very best in data science and artificial intelligence to maximize their reach. Artificial intelligence and data science allow for an understanding of localized trends as well as nuanced insights into customers and markets, aiding suppliers to identify more accurately the potential for success in new restaurant ventures. It is these insights that allow for targeted marketing and sales efforts.

Brizo is a data intelligence software that provides supplier companies with a board and complete set of market data to generate deeper insights and analysis for their foodservice customers. This data provides critical research and prospecting tools for the industry, closing gaps in market knowledge with up-to-date IT and menu offers. It is at the forefront of innovation and provides its food-affiliated customers with highly targeted intelligence and even sales opportunities. Here, we discuss the various ways in which suppliers may use data-driven insights to propel their sales and services.

Sales Prospecting

Sales prospecting is a fundamental part of any supplier’s restaurant technology efforts. With the help of data analysis offered by Brizo, restaurant tech providers can now gain a better understanding of the foodservice market, enabling them to make more impactful decisions quickly. Brizo solutions allow for the segmentation of potential or current customers based on certain criteria and product profiles, yielding greater focused results and insights into sales. Furthermore, the data enables restaurant tech companies to get a comprehensive overview of current and past customers, enabling them to fine-tune or redesign their services for a better suitability within certain markets.

Marketing Intelligence

When it comes to sales, understanding local trends and customer trends can facilitate better marketing approaches. Brizo’s software not only provides data-led industry insights, it also gives insights into campaigns and advertising efforts for industries related to foodservice. This allows providers to target audiences in a more precise, effort-efficient manner. They can thus elucidate where and how they should focus their marketing efforts for a much greater return.

Find Kitchens and Expand Operations

Apart from its data-enriched insights, brizo also allows producers to broaden their scope of potential customers or kitchen suppliers. Through its insights, it gathers valuable market intelligence, enabling providers to create production strategies in addition to expanding operations and localizing services for specific needs. This further enables restaurant tech companies to make more informed decisions on their next steps. No longer do tech providers have to rely on in-person scouting for new markets, sacrificing time and resources; with Brizo, they can now tap into technologies tracking all of this data quickly and efficiently.

Data Enrichment

Apart from providing sales and market insights, Brizo further allows for a greater understanding of customer journeys, their preferences, and sales analytics. With this greater knowledge, operators can upgrade existing systems for better performance metrics. Moreover, using Brizo’s deeper insights, operators can make decisions with greater confidence.


Brizo is pioneering the foodservice market intelligence space with its highly advanced data-driven solutions. By equipping tech providers with better market insights, they can more accurately target their sales and marketing efforts, streamline their production needs, better understand customer journeys, and create data-driven strategies when expanding their operations. With all these benefits, restaurant tech providers can never go wrong by opting for Brizo.