Harness the Power of Data & Analytics with Brizo’s Foodservice Market Insights Platform

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Restaurant Customer Data Platform Services

Running a restaurant, bar or café may seem like it has certain immutable characteristics: menu items, ingredients, recipes, locations, labor requirements, and the like. But in reality, the foodservice market is dynamic, and so developing a successful customer base – to generate the profits needed to sustain the business and to keep customers coming back for more – requires an in-depth understanding of the ever-evolving market trends.

That’s why, here at Brizo, we offer restaurant and foodservice industry professionals access to a comprehensive and customizable data platform offering a variety of data types that allow for highly targeted research and prospecting. Our data fields provide key insights into menu items and restaurant tech coverage with the goal of providing deeper insight into the foodservice market.

Using our insights platform, customers have access to a vast array of data analyses which prove invaluable in a variety of settings. Let’s take a look at a few of the applications for restaurant data platform services available through Brizo.

Sales Prospecting

Objective insights into sales trends in the foodservice market provide invaluable information for the sales team. With Brizo’s insights platform, users can access granular and comprehensive analyses that can guide sales efforts by pin-pointing target markets, pricing strategies and marketing tactics. By leveraging Brizo’s proprietary analysis tools, sales teams can plan and strategise efficiently to improve the efficiency of their sales process.

Market to the Foodservice Industry

Our data also provides access to deep insights into the foodservice industry that prove invaluable for marketing. Using our data platform, customers can hone their advertising efforts and uncover sophisticated targeting strategies by understanding the demographics of their target market and what strategies are effective for both gaining new customers or retaining existing ones.

Find Kitchens and Expand Operations

For foodservice operators, identifying untouched opportunity can mean the difference between success and failure. By using our finely granular data on kitchens across the country, operators can identify under-served markets and capitalise on them with the right data.

Data Enrichment

Brizo’s data platform also allows customers to enrich their systems, databases and dashboards with more comprehensive market insights. This helps restaurant and foodservice professionals further their understanding of the industry and identify trends in the market. This allows them to make more informed decisions and optimise their services accordingly.

At Brizo, we understand the value of data and the power of proper analytics when it comes to the foodservice industry. Our cutting-edge insights platform provides customers with access to the data and analysis that can help them outperform any emerging competition, resulting in an increase in customer acquisition and loyalty.